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21. Posted by backpackblogger (Budding Member 58 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

The recommendation I got before going to NZ was to do the trip opposite to most travellers for the best deals. My partner and I started in Christchurch, got a van directly from another backpacker, and sold it in Auckland after putting it on gumtree within 24 hours.

Hope that helps!

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This last post is incredibly true. They even have ridiculously priced car and van rentals moving them between cities (always north). Check Trade Me for private dealers and beware the sketchy car lots that look like all their cars were stolen!

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Several of the big rental companies actually ask drivers to drive some of their camper-vans from Christchurch, over on the ferry to Auckland over a period of no longer than three days for free around Easter time. Not great if you want to explore the country but still a useful way to get from Chch to Akld.

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To all of you guys who have had experience with those scammers:
I have being screwed by those guys and their names are Nina Tasev, mastermind of all. The next one is her husband, small time crook: Goran Tasev and Sam. I am building their portfolio for all their scams simply to protect other innocent people. All I can tell all of you, if you would like to contact me and give your impute, please don't hesitate to do so at any time.
In mean time for those who didn't see this, I wish you to enjoy:

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Quoting Galoed


For all the new arriving backpackers in this beautiful country. Dont even think of buying off these guys, my girlfriend and I did after there being very few options and us wanting to leave. Ofcourse it was our fault for not checking everything that we could. But just to show their intentions of not being fairdinkum either way. The car needed an oil change, had 4 different tyres on it, the job on the curtains was flimsy and hiddious, had 50.000 km more on it than the sales guy initially mentioned, and the owner wanted prices on all the second hand stuff that can buy you brand new gear at the "warehouse" or "kmart".

Also with the sale they tried REALLY HARD to sell us their "backpacker friendly" insurance, claiming any other insurance would not accept, or cover, you because of your wrking holiday visa, rather than other permanent visas. THIS IS B****. I insured with AA over the phone while buying the car and the sales personnel talking to me while I'm in my phone call. The AA knew my situation and sorted me out. Later this year my car burned out and AA sorted it with full value.

We're so glad I didnt take that backpacker insurance that would probably try to find all kinds of ways to get out of paying me. Nor the Interisland boat ticket, which you can get anywhere, and DONT SELL OUT !

All in all I'd say these guys dont deserve your money!

Buy off another backpacker or go to the Turners auction !

Hi there,
Can you tell me if you remember the name of the owners, cause I only remember the name of the woman which is REgina and is a brazilian girl, the girlfriend or wife of the guy (think the owner). i've seen a few "martin" on the internet, don't remember if it is. We're actually buying a van there and are not so sure of their honesty. We only give a deposit of 800$ at the moment and don't know if we can change our mind and ask for refund to cancel the agreement.

Thank you for your help already as there's no more comments or review since 2015...

26. Posted by serifcatic (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Watch this:

Pay attention to names: Nina Tasev and Goran Stojanovic. They are real small time crooks

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Cice712, adding a comment to a 10 year old post is not the way to get answers. You would do better to start a NEW thread of your own with the questions you want help with.

You have 2 questions.

1. Does anyone know of company X and know if they are reputable or not?
2. Can anyone tell me what the law in NZ is regarding cancelling a vehicle purchase and getting a deposit back?

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Thanks for the information, @KristofEls. That's really a big advice! ;) I have never been to Auckland but now I'm aware of what could go wrong!