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Hey all.

Ive just been in Thailand for the past month, but, now find myself back in England :( So as you can imagaine, i have the travel bug! :D

I dont fancy going back to Thailand (as much as i love it) I would rather see other countries 1st before i go back there.

Now, i was thinking India. I am a beach lover, aslo, mountains and beautiful sceanery fasinate me, so after a smidge of reaserch i found india is a gd place to go.

I would like to know if its cheap there? Like Thailand cheap lol.. Also is Goa a good place to go? Can anyone please advise me of budget places to visit in india that are not over run by tourists, as ive noticed prices tend to be a bit more expensive in these areas. I would also like to know if accomadation, food, travel etc is cheap? They use ruppee right?

Many thanks for your time


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Hi Matt, we were last in India in 2002, good places to visit are Pondicherry, a good place to stay in the Park, a little hotel run by an asram, cheap,clean, also a pretty place to spend a couple of days in. Bangalore, a busy city with lots of interesting places to visit, try the tourist buses which only cost a fewpence and take you to the popular places. Goa is good for nightlife and beaches, plenty to do but a bit more expensive than the rest of India, we stayed at the Sheltsa on the main calengute road paying £5 for a double room, a lovely little garden guest house but I expect their prices have risen since then.
Try to take in Nepal, as this is such a fantastic country, despite the problems they have had in the past and are still experiencing. Katmandu is the most exciting place I have ever visited, the little lanes of Thamel with their shops and cafes and guesthouses, full of travelers from every part of the world, such a wonderful place for swapping stories and good conversation, albeit in pidgeon english. Visit Pokhara for the treks in the foothills of the Himalays and see these spectacular mountains at their best.
India will exasperate and enthrall you, Nepal will completely blow your mind, happy travelling. stokesy

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hey - a lot can be done in india and for cheap. You find quite a few youth hostels around the country.

Goa is a good place. I would also suggest mahabalipuram close to pondicherry. If you are a person for ruins, make a trip to hampi - it also happens to be a backpacker haven, and u can meet lots of travellers over there. u are not ever going to run short of forts and temples in india :)

doing the rajasthan circuit is also good. For trekking and being with nature, himalayas is a good place. Though i havent made any trips recently , i can point u to people who can advise u!

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India is either really cheap or quite expensive depending on what standard you need and how good you are at speaking with people. i spent a bit over four months in india, i took local transport, ate local food and avoided other tourists as much as i could. I spent probalby 2 british pounds a day. i decided to go to goa for 2 weeks to have a holiday away from the real india befor i went home. i stayed in pretty nice places and ate in tourist restaurants (which served the worst food from the dirtiest kitchens in my journey) and only spend maybe 5 pounds a day - but this is because i got quite good at bargaining in hindi i think most people were paying much much more. But even if u do pay more it is really not so much, no more than thailand but often in thailand u get more for your buck

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hango on i cant covert currency, i spent maybe 2 aussie dollars a day, which is less than a pound normally..... wow it was cheap.....

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I spent two months in India in 2004. I spent 1000 euro, you could have got by with half that. However, my greatest expense was drinking, considering a beer is about the price of your whole meal. and smoking is not cheap either.
There are so many beautiful places with India, and if your very concerned about finding places without tourists, i reccomend travelling there in june and july. although it is the monsoon, there are very very few other backpackers. and we only got rained on once! we were lucky i guess with our route, we seemed to stay ahead of the rains.
Places i recommend are Vashist in Manali-a must, Benaulim in goa, Bhagsu in Dharamsala.
If you do travel during the monsoon, i would avoid varanassi, it really restricts your enjoyment of the ghats.
Happy Travels!
Jenn xx