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Hey TP Kids!!

I just thought as a native Aussie I would open up a discussion on anyones thoughts/experiences/stories of the Melbourne Cup.

For anyone who isnt familiar,

The Melbourne Cup is Australia's Biggest horse race of the year. It was held today (7th Nov) at Flemington (UMMM.) Melbourne!! During this ten or so minutes it is quite normal that the whole nation stops and watches. The race also gives everyone a chance to get themselves dolled up and wear really silly hats (girls) or make a big wager (guys)

If you have the opportunity, you should get yourself to a pub to watch the race or even better, go to Melbourne!. I spose its a bit late for that advice but we can still share any stories. Or you will know to look out for it next year.

For myself, a sweep stakes comp was on at work where everyone puts in $1 or $2 and the gets assigned a random horse then the winner takes all the moneys, Some snacks and a tiny TV on an office chair were provided. Pretty boring really, but lots of good times are had for this event.

Anyone got anything to share?

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Melbourne Cup sucks. I lost five bucks!

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I outlayed $14 in mystery trifectas and mystery quinellas. One of the quinellas got up, won $100. :D

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Are the BMW Caulfield Cup, Tattersall's Cox Plate Cup and the Melbourne Cup the equivalent to our Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes) here in the US? I must say, that's a long race at 2 miles (3200 meters). Our longest is the Belmont at 1.5 miles.

Looking at the pictures that I found of the event, it is similar to our big three - with the hats and hoopla. But then, I love those hats - if I ever make it to the Kentucky Derby, I already have the perfect hats for the event. Do they also have a "signature" cocktail? Ours is the mint julep with Kentucky bourbon. The text I read also said the day of the race is a local holiday for metropolitan Melbourne. I like that idea!

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I put 1 AUD on a horse called "Ain't seeing nothing" Melbourne Cup 2003.If I remember right my horse ended up being one before the last..LOL!But it was great fun and lovely to see how the whole city stopped to watch the race, nothing moved,no one was awesome!We were drinking champagne in a restaurant near harbour bridge and watching the cup.Oh,great memories!

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Had a great day at the Melbourne Cup in 1997. Bet 2 dollars for a win and a place on a horse outside of the main race and won 36 dollars :) And in the mian race I noted to a friend that ``Might and Power`` was going to win when she passed infront of us kicking op her front legs. thought about making a run for the betting office but thought it would take to long to get trough the crowd. A mistake since she did go on to win the race :(

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The group from the Australian club rented out the poolside area at the Traders hotel in Yangon and set up a big screen to watch the race. About 100 people attended and the women took the opportunity to come decked out in their fancy hats. It was more of a chairty fundraiser so all bets and other proceeds went to a good cause. The Australian ambassador and several other dignitaries were in attendance. All in all a good time for everyone. I couldn't help noticing all the foriegn elements of the race. The sponsor and the winning horse were not native to Oz. Guess its getting to be the same everywhere.

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Yeah and HOW AUSTRALIAN was this years Cup:
Japanese horses went 1-2!!

Ah well, next year will be better when our little Aussie youngster "Efficient" is matured & ready for the big race.

Oh - this is my first post too! I am an Aussie living in Germany, this is a great site, I hope to get in touch with some other travellers through Germany and maybe share a beer or two.


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