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Does any one have any comments/suggestions about my itenary?

I want to do as much overland travel in SEA as possible to provide opportunities for stumbling off the beaten path/having experiences not included in my Lonely Planet. I also attempted to avoid backtracking where possible. Id love to hear about things to do and avoid in any of these places as well as anything I dont have listed that I shouldn't miss. My interests are treckking/scuba/beaches/climing/vipassana

I should be leaving In mid-january with $7000 after I buy a ticket to Thailand. I will be traveling until my $ runs out or until I am ready to come home (figure 6-8 months). If I decide to continue traveling after running out of cash I can teach english in Japan with out a TEFL certificate.

Fly into Bangkok and head south

stopping at one of the Kos
-reccomendations for a less touristy island?
- get PADI certified somewhere, reccomendations for East or West coast in January?

Head over to Krabi
-do some climbing
- cross into Malasia at Sungai Kolok

-this was a recent addition to my list as it was highly reccomended by a friend... reccomendations?
- snorkeling in Pulau Perhentian Kecil
- trecking in Taman Negara Natl. park
- Fly out of Kuala Lampur to Bangkok


Head up to Nong Khai and cross in Laos


- Vang Vieng
-Luang Prabang
- Maung Sing
- Phonsavan
- then id like to hop on a boat and float down the Mekong...any reccomendations on where to do this?
- chill out in Don Det
- Cross into Cambodia at Voen Kham

- Perhaps head over to Ban Lung
- Definatly go to Angkor Wat
- Phnom Penh
- perhaps go to Sihanoukville
- Cross into Vietnam at Bavet


Basically northbound through Vietnam stopping at
- Da Lat
- Nha Trang
- Pleiku (my dad was stationed there)
- Hue
- Ha Long Bay
- Ha Noi for a Flight to Nepal, Japan or India depending on how much cash I have left and what month it is.

Thanks for any input.

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Cambodia comment - watch your timing if aiming for Ban Lung. Although in general I am a big fan of Cambodia in the rainy season (May to October - lower prices, less tourists, great photographic opportunities) Ratanakiri can get a bit bogged down in mud for travelling around during the latter part of this period.


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Hi, have you been to China before? If you like you also can go to China from Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is near to China. You can see the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta ,Li River, etc. and then go to Tibet, Nepal, India, Japen. If you like, you also can teach English in China. There are many foreigners teach in China, and students like to stay with them. You can try...;)

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In Malaysia, Melaka and the Cameron Highlands are worth a visit. Hoi An in Vietnam is worth a stop too, especially if you want to get clothes made. I'd recommend doing a 2 night - 3 day trip to Halong bay; there are numerous places in Hanoi who will arrange this for you.

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South Thailand:

Koh Bulon, Koh Adang, Koh Lipe in the Andaman Sea. You also can make your Padi there


Perhentian Kecil = only good from April to November

Taman Negara = Is not very special anymore. A wooden planked path through the jungle.

Belum Valley between the states Kedah and Perak is still something special. Got wild elephants and a lot of other things.

If you have the time and money, forget about the mainland and get yourself with a cheap air asia flight to Sabah in Borneo. Good trekking and fantastic diving and snorkeling.

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Thanks for all the support!

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