Cheap accommodation n ICELAND ????????????

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Im going to Iceland on 2nd December for a week. I have 2 nights booked in reykjavik. I plan on taking some trips also and would really liks some advice on accommodation?? Where and how much etc??


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Cheap and Iceland don't go together, Iceland is amongst the most expensive places on earth, certainly the most expensive place in the 48 countries I have visited by a long shot. It makes London look like India prices with most things.

When I was there in June this year, the hostel that is an HI one which is quite a walk from the downtown area, was the only place even moderately priced.

Anything else I saw when doing research online was a minimum of $91US a night. I bought a homeless blanket ready to sleep out in the cold, but lucky for me I found some person on the hospitality club website who was willing to host me for the time I was there. I know that she has stopped hosting for the time being, due to the strain which having 1-5 strangers every single day for a couple of months was putting on the budget and her marriage. That site saved me a fortune in Iceland, because I was stuck with either sleeping on the streets, sleeping on the floor of that persons house or sleeping on the streets. If you want to have a look and see if someone will host you while you are there, you can get there by going to

Just incase someone edits the site out, it is like every other website starts out with and then hospitalityclub but instead of ending in com it ends in org

Try that and you may get some luck in finding someone who will host you for a bit of time, because that's the only way you'll get out of the accommodation side cheaply in Iceland without a tent.

Tours aint at all cheap either if infact they are even running seeing it will be very cold. I went through over $500US in a week and that was without seeing a great deal and not having to pay for my accommodation. One thing when in Reykjavik if you need food from the supermarket, go to Bonus supermarket. That is about 50% cheaper than every other supermarket I went to, but only one was right in the downtown area of Rekjavik and it wasn't that large.

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There are a lot more HI hostels in Iceland than just the one in Reykjavík. Have a look at the Icelandic HI site for more information about hostels around Iceland.
According to the site, accomodation in a dorm room is 2200 krónur per night which is about 17 pounds.

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When I visited in February in about 1997.. I paid $25 for a room with four beds (I used just one) and free breakfast! It was very clean and the bus from the airport dropped me off right out front. I was very pleased with it. Hotel Orkin:

Check it out and have fun!

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by the way.. it was close to the city centre. close enough so that i could easily walk there and back.