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1. Posted by cleanboy (Budding Member 58 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

so i got my years visa and am goin pretty soon which is pretty sweet but i was wondering if i do my 3 months fruit pickin and get that second years visa i might have to renew my this possible while i am in Australia??

2. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

It should be, because I am an Australian Citizen/resident also with British citizenship and I got my new British passport done through Canberra. So I can't see why a British Citizen on a working visa shouldn't be able to renew.

On the British High Commission Canberra website

it has the following written: The British High Commission's passport issuing office in Canberra is the largest British passport issuing facility outside of the United Kingdom, issuing over 65,000 passports a year to British Citizens permanently or temporarily resident in Australia. All applications are processed by the Canberra office.

So that would suggest that you'll have no problems doing it but it would need to be done through the Canberra office.

It does state though, that your application and passport photos have to be signed and verified by some person either from Australia or a Commonwealth country that has known you for at least 2 years and it can't be relatives. So you'll need to get two passport photos signed and the application signed by that person before you are allowed to re-apply.

3. Posted by cleanboy (Budding Member 58 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

what odd rules...

turns out im german though lol.

i mean i dont consider myself german i consider myself a south african really

(basically grew up in south africa moved to england at the age of 13 but my dad is german so he gave me a german passport coz its easier to travel with)

anyways all of that is irrelevant really...know anything about gettin a german passport renewed?

4. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Maybe an idea would be to go to and find the contactus option. It has a form that you can fill out and someone would get back to you. By the look of that, if it is possible, it will depend where abouts you are as to which embassy will issue your passport. Also it says that the passport takes 6-8 weeks to issue. So it seems the German/Australian's doing the German passports are as lazy as hell, or they have just as rediculous requirements as Australia does when applying for new or replacement passports.

Be prepared for a long and painful time trying to arrange it in Australia, because normally anything that involves Australia is over the top and hard to sort out just like is the case with America. When I had both my British Passport and Australian passport stolen in Portugal, I was stuck. I was able to get the bus 313km to get my full British Passport easily with only bank cards, a photocopy of the stolen passport and the registration number for when I was registered as a British Citizen as Proof of Identity and no-one needed to verify me. The morons that are the Australian government, required me to send a page of the application home along with a passport photo to be signed and verified by someone who has known me for more than 2 years. They also needed my original birth certificate and cover page of my bank statement (something with proof of my address) before they would allow me to apply for my replacement passport. At home that wouldn't have been such a big deal, but when you are away and don't have these documents, it is a nightmarish experience which makes you age very quickly.

So seeing you would be dealing with an embassy in Australia, just prepare yourself for lots of hassels and things to make life as difficult as possible for you. It'll more than likely include having to send stuff back home to get someone to sign it and then get your parents to send your birth certificate over to you.

Check the embassy site out, because they should be able to tell you for sure.

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