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I every body. We, me, claudia and marco( he is 5) are coming down for the entire month of january. The tour we like to do will be allmost this; from perth, margaret river area to albany and esperance, back to perth and north, pinnacles, shark bay, ningaloo reef and karijini.
- one month enough or we will just spent our vacations driving
- january fine up in ningaloo and karaijini
- you think a campervan is good idea to avoid accomodations problems do to the summer hollidays or car is ok
- 4wd better (cape le grand np, karaijini, ningaloreef ) or 2 will be fine
- wich company for camper or car hire
- what not to be missed
thank you in advance for you eventual help

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Hi Massive69,

Personally I would be forgetting the Ningaloo and Karijini National Park part of the trip - one because it is summer and far too hot PLUS it is a looooong way to go.

Because you are arriving in January I would suggest a campervan - if you can still book one because January is still the school holidays and peak season.

A campervan gives you more freedom in a way plus it will become "home" an important point when travelling with a youngster.

A suggested route for you would be to leave from Perth and drive to Kalgoorlie (6 hour trip east of Perth). On the way you could have an overnight stay at Wave Rock near Hyden. You can make a turnoff from the highway to get to Wave Rock. (http://www.waverock.com.au/)

You could spend two to three days + in the Kalgoorlie area and learn about the goldmining of old also see the large open cut gold mine - although please note it is summer and will be very hot. This site has a map of the southern part of Western Australia I am planning out for you - so will give you an idea where I am talking about. http://www.discoverwest.com.au/western_australia/kalgoorlie.html

From Kalgoorlie travel down south to Esperance. Magnificent areas there. Again 3-4 days easily could be spent there. Then it is across to Albany (through some wonderful countryside and many stops could be made.)

Near Albany you have the Stirling Ranges and the Porongorups if you like hills and climbing. You can camp in these areas here for a night or two. Albany and surrounding areas is beautiful.

Denmark is on the way to Pemberton after Albany and is a truly beautiful little town. Lots to see in this stretch. Walpole, Valley of the Giants, The Tree Top walk etc etc. Beautiful beautiful country - as long as you like trees of course! LOL The beaches there are gorgeous as well.

Pemberton is also in the tree country and has many many beautiful places to visit.

From Pemberton you could go across to Augusta and then up to Margaret River, Busselton, Bunbury and then to Mandurah and Perth.

Here is a site which gives you much information on most of this area.


As it is getting late for booking a campervan I would suggest you do a search on the net and browse through the various sites to see if you can get one. This is what I came up with for Western Australia (http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=RNWI,RNWI:2006-45,RNWI:en&q=Campervans+for+hire+western+australia) but of course there will be many others you could try like Hertz, Thrifty etc etc.

Good luck with your trip. I am sure you will have much fun and not have to push it too much at all whilst still seeing a fair bit of variety.

If I can help any more just please let me know.

With regards


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Thank you very much Kathryn: I' m sure your dettailed replay will help us to plan our visit for the best. Thank you again

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The pinnacles are a sight to see

Id also consider going to coral bay if you can still get a spot!

If you are going to be near Carnarvon, go and see the blowholes!

Kings Park is obviously a must see

Theres a resort/camping area somewhere around Denmark/Pemberton called karri valley - i remember going there when I was about ten - there's a trout pond which you can finish in, a mini golf course and a lot of fairly family oriented activites if I remember right. Plus, the scenery is beautiful

Margaret river is good for winery tours - but theres also a few cheese factories, a chocolate factory etc.

Busselton has a lot of wildlife farms - but it is hard to get accomodation at around the chrismas period because it is definately a holiday place. There are a lot of nice beaches around the Busselton region - especially if you go a little further south - you get to beaches like eagle bay and yallingup which are great. Theres also the Nautical lady (a small waterpark) and the jetty to see.

Bunbury has the dolphin discovery centre where you can swim with dolphins & go out on a boat.

Hope this helps!

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Great choice of places. Ningaloo/Exmouth & Karajini are 2 of the best places in the world but I have to admit that to drive thre from Pert & return, especially in the heat of summer, would be very hard. We campervanned round the west half of Oz for 6 months so we were travelling quite fast and it took as nearly a month from Karrijini to Perth via Ningaloo, Pinnacles, etc. A month between Perth & Esperence is probalby a better idea for you. Next time do Karrijini, Ningaloo, Broome, Monkey Mia, Derby, Carnarvon, etc - in our winter. Have a look at the links on left side of the home page at www.winterbaseball.org/oztrip for ideas for that trip