Have You ever been in Sochi? It's in Russia. Not yet? Why?

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Hallo, travellers.

I wanna see Your opinions about being rest in Russia, knowledge of Your expectations and may be risks concerned with vacations to Russia.
I could answer Your questions and tell more about my homeplace, accomodation, sightseeings, funs.
Greet all discussions :)

Thanks, Vitaliy

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Hi, again

I wanna place the small topic about my city, if You don't mind;)

Sochi is the best resort of Russia widely known in our country and outside. Sochi possesses the unique combination of nature resources and rather developed resort infrastructure, therefore it can satisfy various tourists' demands. Mild subtropical climate, combination of icy mountains and warm sea allow to rest in Sochi perfectly well in any season, though summer is certainly the best tourist season, when you can swim in the warm Black Sea and sunbathe in the gentle sun – the summer season lasts from May till October.
Sochi is situated in the Western part of the Greater Caucasus, the great part of the territory is occupied by mountains and foothills. Sochi is the longest city in Europe, it stretches along the Black Sea coast for 149 km. Sochi comprises four districts: Adlersky, Khostinsky, Central and Lazarevsky. About 450 thousand inhabitants of more than 100 nationalities live in Sochi. Sochi belongs to Moscow time zone.
The climate in Sochi is the unique one: this is the most northern subtropics in the world in the vicinity of eternal ice. Sochi in summer is the beautiful sea resort; in winter you can enjoy the charm of holiday in mountains. The average air temperature at the seaside in April-November is about +18 degrees; the hottest months are July and August. The swimming season lasts through the end of October, sometimes till the mid of November, the warmest sea is in July and August, when seawater is up to +26 degrees.
There is unusual exotic nature due to the unique climate in Sochi. The subtropical vegetation is luxuriant: magnolias, eucalyptuses, palm trees, oleanders, rhododendrons, azaleas, yuccas and other plants, which you can’t see in the streets of other Russian cities. Sochi is the only area in Russia where there are the northernmost tea plantations in the world; where the citrus plants, such as tangerines, lemons and feihoa ripen; where boxwood and other exotic plants grow. Sochi is one of the rare sites on the globe where sea vacation matches with the rest in mountains; where the Matsesta curative waters are at your disposals. The yew-and boxwood grove in Khosta is a unique remnant of wild pre ice-age flora. It is the part of the State National Park.
Nowadays Sochi is the modern resort. Over 250 accommodation facilities – sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, tourist camps – provide lodging for thousands of guests. Sochi has got developed resort infrastructure, here is wide range of activities available: fascinating excursions, concert halls, theatres, museums, botanical gardens and aqua parks, casinos, numerous cafes and restaurants with variety of cuisines, situated everywhere, most in open air – in the parks and on the embankment.

Cheers, Vitaliy

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And now... Host to the 2014 Winter Olympics, and amazingly the first time that Russia has ever hosted the winter games.

I wonder if Russia will make the process of getting a tourism visa easier to help attract visitors to the games. The current process of having to get the invitation letter is a little more cumbersome than it needs to be, me thinks...

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Host of 2014 Winter Olympic.
Saw it in the news.
Well, its quite interesting to hear about Sochi!!
maybe can propose it to my superior about it and make a tour there since the company's main tour to Russia only focused on Moscow & St.Petersburg.

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I travelled around the Black Sea in 2002.

Took the overnight train from Rostov to Sochi. Met some dudes from Kasnadar on the train tide south. I can not speak Russian so we sort of communicated by using Pictionary and simple hand gestures of sorts. Got into Sochi at around 4am. The small, quiantand beautiful train staion is really calming with palm trees everywhere. This added to the tropical appeal. I didnt know where I was going to stay and was on budget so I waited on a bench until the tourist office at the train staion opened.

Once the tourist bureau opened i was able to use the internet and figured out a place to stay. Not very many people spoke English, if any at all. Some older people spoke a little German.My past two nights were spent on trains and buses. I was not able to organize an inexpensive bed through the tourist bureau, this was mainly due to the lack of communication and that I had a travel guide with some really solid tips on cheap accommadation. I thought I would test my luck on my own.

I walked west along the main street and turned south along the road that more or less ran along the sea, past a Chinese restaurant (Ate there one night, was quite good. But a rip off as all Chinesse restaurants in Europe seem to be) and to the hotel that was outlined in the Lonely planet book. It was really a nice place and the Manager woman, spoke english along with perfect French. Which she was very proud of and loved speaking.

This was where they legitimized my Visa, which was for free. I had heard all these 'horror' stories about needing a letter and needing to exactly know what hotel you are staying at, but this did not happen to me. In that hotel there was also a Extreme tourist office where I rented a guide for 150USD. This is simply an incrediable price. Two day trek and hike with meals into the mountains. Absolutly stunning scenery. I found this hotel using the Lonely PLanet Russia 2001 edition. Other then the tip for the Extreme Tourist office this edition was terrible with incorrect quotes and maps that were completly wrong. The editiors of this edition were out to lunch and I serious felt I should have got my money back for this travel guide.

In any case the next morning there was a problem with the hotel over the price which I was completly convinced had changed since the day before. I seemed that winning this argument was not going to happen so I paid for the night, which by all accounts in Canada or Wetern Europe was actually quite cheap. Call me stubburn. I found a cheaper hotel that was right on the Black sea. Or at least overlooking the black sea beaches. There was an expansive promanade in front of the hotel that led to a walled overlook that had staircases down to the beach level. I checked into the hotel with no problem. As I was getting into the elevator and a bell hop dressed bloke came running over to me and handed me a card to get some escort lady entertainment for the night. This is normal in most places. It was a very basic inexpensive room in a massive russian hotel. shared shower, but had a bed, sink and desk with a good view of the sea.

I went swimming and was really tryig to meet locals. Good God I wished I could speak Russian. The women were stunning. I met a couple girls that were selling ice cream on the promanade that could speak English. They were college students that worked their summers away from classes selling ice cream from a freezer near the beach. They were paid very nonimal and worked 24 hour shifts. Yeah, work 24 hours then off 24 hours then work again, 24 hours.

She was a real sweet girl who showed me around and took me to the Dacha built by Stalin. I more or less kept her company during her work hours and she would show me around when she was off. I guess its a rough way to earn money, but her boss was only 22 years old and drove a Benz E class from Ice cream sales (I guess). She took me to her mothers house for dinner which was really interesting and really quite good. They didn't have very much but a very simple 2 bedroom home with a wood fire burned oven in the kitchen. They were incrediable happy and didnt give the feeling that thier lives were lacking anyhing. The girl simply wanted to get a good education and be able to support her family into retirment.

Next stop was Georgia, where at the time was not easy to get over the border since there was military clashes of sorts going on just south of the Georgian-Russian border. We also saw Putin's helecopter leaving from the helipod raising over the Black Sea on his way back to Moscow after a visit he made to Sochi.

I thought that Sochi was nice, a little tacky since it seemed that alot of it was bulit during the 50's and early 60's. Im glad that they got the Olympics. It was a long road there. I was extremly lonely the week leading up to arriving in ochi since I did not speak Russian. I am sure that Russia will present a great Olympics.

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Quoting moscowmetr

Next stop was Georgia, where at the time was not easy to get over the border since there was military clashes of sorts going on just south of the Georgian-Russian border. We also saw Putin's helecopter leaving from the helipod raising over the Black Sea on his way back to Moscow after a visit he made to Sochi.

Did you cross into Georgia through Abkhazia? Or did you go to Georgia by boat?