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Budget for India & Thailand

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1. Posted by anglosurma (Full Member 106 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Can anyone help

ill be heading to india next year with my fiance for 1 month & to thailand for 1 month , sleeping in cheap accomadation mud huts hostels etc , doing a few train journeys on trains perhaps across india , and perhaps in thailand across in to vietnam living pretty standard on cheap food , and a bit of sun bathing and enjoying the air and culture , , can anyone advise me what would be best to take to india for 1 month and thailand for 1 month so far we have budgeted for £1000 bp for india and £ 2000 bp for thailand .

any advice welcolme

thanks jon

2. Posted by Travel_N (Inactive 161 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi anglosurma,

I think 1000 bp is a good amount of money to do India in a month. This is ofcoures not including ur flights in and out. With this budget i feel u can manage to splurge a bit in certiain places while backpacking the others.

Your average acco per day should not exceed 500 bucks, touching as low as 100 -150 in certain places like gokarna or pondichery. If you stick to indian food, food expenses per day shd come within 200-400 ( two of u)... Trains are the cheapest and also more comfortable means of travel. u can look up train schedule @ ...

if u stick to this kind of a budget, u can do a more expensive stay at a couple of places that takes ur fancy!

3. Posted by aharrold45 (Travel Guru 1281 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

You can get pretty good quality accommodation (In room bathroom, Double room with TV with hundreds of english language channels) for 500 Rupees in Mumbai/Bombay (approx 6GBP). Unless you want to get a new meaning to the word shitty accommodation, do not stay in the one hostel that exists in Mumbai (Salvation Army one). That had bed bugs almost the size of ladybugs crawling all over the beds and every where on people too. It also had a pigeons nest inside the room with pigeon shit everywhere including on the toilet seat, windows broken, all except myself were smoking pot in the room (as it was in the drug area)and any other drug you could smoke making it almost impossible to breath, and that is just the beginning on the nightmare that was the Salvation Army hostel in Mumbai. I ended up going out in the hall and sleeping on the hard floor where atleast I didn't have an infestation of bed bugs and could breath a little, until I was woken at about 4.45am by cleaners who obviously are crap at their job. Apart from that hostel, I didn't stay in any hostels whilst in India and the most I paid was 500 Rupees a night and most the time it was a double room with TV and bathroom. In Delhi when it was 52C I got a double room, TV, Air Con and bathroom for 350 rupees (4.5GBP). Note that none of the showers anywhere I stayed had hot water, but when it is 52C in Delhi, you are nearly dying outside, any cold water is a blessing from god.

One Month in India, be prepared to be emotionally scarred for the rest of your life and having lasting pictures of people who have starved so badly that they have no muscle left on their legs so they can't even walk. You may even see a person who had his legs turned outwards at 90 degrees and his left foot was on his right leg and right foot was on his left leg. This burning image will start from the first day if you land late at Mumbai airport. Getting the taxi to town (4.5GBP) is a very depressing experience seeing thousands of people sleeping next to the highway with only metres between their heads on the ground and cars travelling reasonably fast when you get a bit of space from the traffic.

1,000 pounds should be enough, I'm unsure about Thailand because I was only in Bangkok for a few days, but I would imagine that 2000 pounds would be aswell as long as you were staying in hostels most the time.

Be prepared for a huge culture shock in India, that in some cases will get you pissed off if you want to walk and the cycle rickshaw and auto rickshaw drivers wont stop harrassing you for kilometres as they slowly follow you as you walk. If you get the train to Varanasi, you will be like a little fish in a sharks feeding frenzy when you step off the train with auto rickshaw drivers surrounding you from every angle trying to get you to come with them to where you want to go. They wont leave you alone, because when you go, they will continue following you harrassing you to come with them.

Have a great trip.

4. Posted by nichoco (Budding Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Can you let us know the name and addresses of the hotels you stayed in in Mumbai and New Delhi as i coundn't find anything as cheap of this quality in Mumbai or New Delhi.

5. Posted by Ahila (Inactive 1529 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I think 1000 BP is a sufficient budget for travelling around India and you don't really have to scrimp. During my recent one-week trip to the Golden Triangle, I stayed at 3 star hotels and it was roughly US $ 15 per night and including a good breakfast.

The hotels I would recommend from those I stayed at:
(1) Hotel Broadway, Asaf Ali Khan Road, Delhi (around US $ 17 per night): Ask for Room 46, if you do decide to go there (which is unique). The other rooms are shabbier in comparison. Nice restaurant.
(2) Mandore Guesthouse, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (around US $ 10 per night): Family-run guesthouse, which also runs community volunteer programmes so that visitors can contribute to rural development while experiencing rural culture. Rooms are unique Rajasthani cottages and food is served in garden. Drawback: Mosquitoes, a/c sometimes gets switched off on its own.
(3) Hotel Rajdarshan, Udaipur: Best hotel from the 5 hotels we stayed at and slightly more expensive. Great room and service and located amidst the main bazaar where the locals shop, so there is a lot of shopping that can be done here.

Food budget: Cost us roughly US$ 3 - 4 per person per day, eating Indian vegetarian food at places that looked hygienic enough. Recommend Santosh in Jaipur. It is a restaurant that is popular amongst local families and did not see a single foreigner, except us. Serves delicious Rajasthani meals. One Rajasthani thali is more than enough for two.

Transport: We booked our week's travel through Flexi tours . It cost us US $ 500 per person (for the a/c car, driver, guides at each place, accommodation on a b&b basis) and an add'l US $ 104 for the entrance fees to sites agreed upon. I would however recommend for a month's trip that you mix travelling by trains and hiring cars, as some places are better seen on a car, as you can stop where you want. Train travel also did not seem to be much cheaper on the inter-city expresses. If you do go for Flexi tours, I recommend Dev, the driver who drove for most part of the trip. We really appreciated his commitment and responsible driving and advice.

Only thing if you are going to book any part of your travel through tour operators, keep in mind that they are usually affiliated to touristic shops, selling things at exorbitant prices and therefore drivers and guides are pressurized by their employers to take the traveller to one of these shops. You can always refuse but then you will be indirectly causing them to loose on their career performance evaluation so it is better to have an agreement with the driver or guide that you will visit one shop they recommend, if they will take you to shops that you have on your list.

6. Posted by masterblaster19 (Full Member 119 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

i think 1000bp is absolutely loads for a month in india, i spent 1000 euro in two months. and i could have spent half that. our accomodation was always nice sometimes nothing special but never as shit as what the above poster describes in the salvation army.
The biggest expense i found was alcohol. and i would like to enjoy a few beers. unfortunatley a beer was the same price as your whole meal a lot of the time.
expect to pay about 250 bhat a night for a decent room in a guesthouse, of course it varies. and sometimes you are going to need aircon, which can extend the price as high as 700 bhat. and as well as paying for it there are electricity shortages and you may not have aircon half the time after paying for it! very frustrating.
also as we were a bit lazy we spent a good bit of money on rickshaws and taxis. but in the great scheme of things it was more like 3 euro a day!
india is dirt cheap depending on where you go, but i think you have nothing to worry about with your budget.
have a great adventure!