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I was hoping to take over Oz in January for about a month. Is this possible in terms of how much ground etc I would manage to cover.
Tell me some of your own tales...on the land down under.

By the way anyone wanna come along?

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I spent about six months in OZ studying abroad in Melbourne and then traveling from there. I then went back a year later and traveled around for another month. The big thing with traveling for a month in OZ is how much money you have and where you want to go. Do you want to go to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Uluru, Perth, Tasmania? Depending Qantas has resonable flights throughout the country. If you are more on a budget you could fly to say Sydney and then bus it north up the coast all the way to Cairns. Then fly back to Sydney and then home. If you give me a rough budget idea and what cities and places you want to see it will be easier for me to help you out. One place not to miss is Fraiser Island and you should spend about 3 days there. Contact me directly with more info. Brent

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It depends on what you want to see and do while your there. Do you want to traval and see as much as possible or just take it easy and chill out. In a month you could take it easy going up the east coast, enjoy the nice weather and party hard. OR you could go to darwin and then down to ayers rock down to melbourne over to sydney and half way up the east coast like to Byron Bay which i love personally or Brissie. either way you will have an excellent time. Also money is a factor ... hope this helps

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I am already planning a trip around Oz for a month from May to June 08. Coming from the east coast of the US, a trip to Australia is quite a haul (and expensive), so I would like to do as much as possible, so i'm very open to flying. Tell me what you think so far...

-Arrive in Sydney - spend 3 days/3 nights in Sydney (recommend more time?)

-Fly to Ballina Byron on Virgin Blue (only $59) and spend a day and a night in Byron Bay

-Travel up to Sufers Paradise by bus and spend another day/night in Sufers paradise

-Bus up to Brisbane. Spend 2 days/2 nights in Brisbane

-Fly on Virgin Blue up to Proserpine. Take a 2 days sailing cruise around Whitsunday Islands. After cruise, take a night bus from Airlie Beach to Cairns

-Spend 2 days/2 night in Cairns (one day to Kuranda and the other to reef)

-Fly from Cairns to Darwin via Qantas. Spend 2 days tour around Kadaku park

-Fly from Darwin to Broome via Skywest. Spend 2 nights in Broome

-Fly Broome to Perth via Skywest. Spend 3 nights in Perth/Freo (which do you recommend?)

-Again, fly from Perth to Alice Springs via Qantas. 3 day tour around the Red Center

-Fly Alice Springs to Melbourne via Qantas. Spend 3 nights in Melbourne. See Great Ocean Road

-Fly back to US from Melbourne.

Is this waaayyyy too much? The price tag on the 7 intra-australia flights is about AUD $1200, but it will save a lot of time and really maximize what I will be able to see....let me know what you all think...

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Each individual destination there sounds possible (although always at the very minimum of how much time you'd need in a destination), but chaining them all together like that is just far too much, imo. Especially all the tours make for very long and exhausting days, and flying is never just flying, but involves re-packing, getting to and from the airport, possible delays and all that. Even the shortest flights will cost you a significant part of a day, and flying is never exactly restful.
If the time you have to spend is fixed (that is, if you can't add on an extra week), I'd reluctantly recommend to drop two or three destinations (probably the west coast ones, simply because they're so far away, although it would be a real shame to miss them; alternatively Brisbane doesn't have much going for it, so would be an obvious choice to skip (you'd need to bus/train up there for your flight out, but that's just an hour and a bit by public transport)), and putting those days into extending your stay in each destination by a single day. Do not plan to do any tours on those extra days; rather, spend them catching up on sleep, wandering around the towns and cities, sniffing up atmosphere, sitting in a cafe or on the beach having a drink and basically just getting to know the non-tourist side of this country you'll be rushing through. If at any destination you find yourself bored doing that, there'll undoubtedly be extra day tours you could go on - just don't plan on it in advance.

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aussie is big and if you're on a budget covering large distances by, say, bus, you'll be looking at some long trips eg.10hrs adelaide-melbourne, 12hrs melbourne-sydney. Although, look into budget airlines, they sometimes have flights that are almost as cheap as a bus ticket, and obviously for an extra $10, its well worth it in the time you save. I'd say choose one area of Aussie to focus on, and include Tasmania if you're gonna be in Melbourne at all! January will be summer, so great weather, but also crowded in the hot spots such as along the Gold Coast. If you're not a crowd kinda person, or a city type, maybe do something like adelaide up through the centre to Alice Springs and Darwin. Awesome stuff to see, and it'll be something completely new and different, maybe even immerse yourself in a bit of Aboriginal culture along the way :) Anyway, these are just ideas off the top of my head, get in touch if you'd like any more advice or tips! Have a great trip anyway

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i ever know of someone who spent 6 freaking months in melbourne. haha. guess you have to really know what you doing.