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My brother and I have been in india for the past month and are currently now in Nepal about to do a trek around the anapurna circuit. Once we are done we want to head down to the south, most likely Goa. We are hoping that someone will have some advice for us as to where to stay and what type of party/nightlife is in each part of Goa.

We are looking to rent a house or guest house for about 1 month, we are planning on getting motor bikes so if the house does not work out we will be cool with moving around to check out all of Goa. Our plan is to relax during the day on the beach a socialize with people, we like to smoke and chill as well as go out and party, we want to be close to the action but not to far away. Of couse we want some gorgeous scenery but we really want to enjoy the relaxing beach life but still have the night life so we can meet some fun people to hang out with.

If anyone has info they want to share, please do.... I really dont know what to expect while in goa as a social scene but I hope I have painted a good enough picture so someone can help us out. We need areas of Goa to visit and even names of places to stay, everything helps...

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Stay in North Goa if you are looking for a youthful and social atmosphere. It tends to be a little more crowded than South Goa. South Goa is on the mellower end of the energy spectrum. As far as specific locations in North Goa, here are a few that you should try and be close to:

Anjana Beach
Calangute Beach
Baga beach

Hope this helps.


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As Pranav pointet out North Goa is very vibrant,especially Calangute,Baga,Anjuna circuit.....you have the TITO's Pub in Calangute which is world famous..Anjuna is famous for its flea market n rave parties...

however if u r plannin to rent out a home and bikes and stay for a month or so i would suggest you to move out of the areas where tourists are highly concentrated..will work out more cheaper n better..

If u require any help buzz me pals....


vicky :)

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I was in Goa last December and went to Colva, Anjuna and Palolem. Colva was pretty quiet and had little nightlife. Anjuna was dead - contrary to what we had heard/read, as the governer had closed down all the beach parties. Everywhere was closed or had no music on xmas eve which was a pretty dire situation. Eventually, some places opened, but there was a lot of hanging around. Apparently, there were a few parties in Baga a few kms away. Palolem (have I spelt it right??!!) was amazing in terms of the beach scenery and there were some very nice beach-side bars/restaurants.

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You might want to try out Arambol, its right up northern part of Goa. Really chilled out place, if you really want to soak the sun.

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Must See Places in Goa: Beaches and Beaches.. there is plenty od advise available here and hence am trying to focus on other interests that i knew and that i have studied.
Old Goa - This is the old part of the city that Albuquerque founded when the Portuguese first landed in Goa about five centuries ago. Old Goa stretches to about 10 Kms along the Mandovi River from Panaji, the capital city of Goa. The important among the historic structures here is its ornate church, the Basilica De Bom Jesus where the sacred relics of St Francis Xavier are kept. This Catholic saint, popularly called Goencho Sahib or Sam Francescu, was a Jesuit who visited Goa on his way to Malacca in the 16th century. He travelled to China in the hope of converting new Christians, but died on the deserted island of Sancian on December 3, 1552. His body was daubed with quicklime and buried in the sea. Three months later it was exhumed and found to be in perfect condition! Saint Francis was then taken to Malacca where he was reburied. Again, after five months this time, his body was exhumed and hadn’t decomposed. He was then brought to Goa amidst a rapturous reception, where he has remained ever since.
Another monument to see at Old Goa is the Church of our Lady of Rosary, which houses the grave of the first European woman to come to Goa, Catarina a Piro.
Opposite the Bom Jesu Basilica is the seat of Archdiocese of Goa and the largest church in Asia, the Se Cathedral.
Next door to Se Cathedral, are the Church of Saint Francis d’ Assisi and the Archaeological Museum.
The Temples - Ponda, which has the largest group of temples in Goa, is the place to go to find old temples dating back to the 16th Century. The Ganpati Temple in Marcela, an example of Kadamba Chalukya architecture. The Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla traces its history to Hemadri, minister of the Yadava King Ramachandra (circa 1271). At Quela, two kilometres west of Ponda town, is the temple of Devi Shantadurga. Built in 1738 by the grandson of Chhatrapati Shivaji. It has a rich and beautiful ‘garb hakunda’, the sanctum sanctorium where the Deity is kept. A little further of the national highway NH-4A, is the temple dedicated to Lord Mangueshi, an incarnation of Shiva. This temple dates back to 1700s.
Visit Dhudsagar Waterfalls - in the ghats, east of Ponda, India’s second largest waterfalls.
Wildlife Sanctuaries – Close to the falls, is the Bondla wildlife sanctuary famous for its bird life and colourful butterflies. From here you can go to Colem at the south east of the enclosure and visit theappealing Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife sanctuary.
Local Markets in Goa All the major cities in Goa have their weekly markets, which is an experience by itself. e markets And they are fun to visit. They are at the main cities of Panaji, Mapusa, Margao and Vasco and also at all the smaller towns like Calangute, Siolim, Pernem, Bicholim, etc.Check out the weekly markets at any of its villages and towns.The most famous is the Anjuna Flea Market held every Wednesday.
The other experience is the Saturday Night Bazaar at Arpora. There are close to each other, however, 'Ingo's Saturday Night Market at Haystack' is recommended . (Courtesy: Many references:)

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