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Hey, I will hopefully be travelling to goa in a month or 2, for maybe 3 months!. The main reason for this is to chill out a bit & live as cheaply as possible as I'll be on a shoestring budget!.Preferably if possible I would like to try & find some kind of work, literally anything or if poss Volunteer? I need to get away from my somewhat hectic life. If someone could help me with the above queries . I'll be very appreciated.
I really don't know much about Goa or even India regarding backpacking. I want to relax but enjoy myself. & I wud maybe like to stay if there's the possibility of any kind of work & or Volunteering .It doesn't have to specifically be Goa for the duration.
Kind regards for help.
Robin H

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So much to see if you have 2 or 3 months.
Since Goa is all about the beaches, there are lots of places to relax for a few months. Its a small area with many many people suiting all sorts of travellers. Arambol in the far North, Anjuna in the middle, and Palolem in the South are probably the most popular, but there are lots more. I loved Palolem and I recomend you head there for a bit. Then there are some more Meditarranean Resort style places where you can pretend you are in the South of France. And there are a number of beaches in between these styles. So whatever you are looking for, Goa will have it. If you want to live as cheaply as possilbe, head to the backpacker beaches where things are a little closer to the Indian norm (in general things are far more expensive in tourity Goa than anywhere else). But even in Goa you can live for $20 a day or less.
One thing about Goa though is that it's not India. If you spend your time hanging out on the beach you will only talk to other foreigners, will eat chips and sandwiches in foreign restarants, and won't learn anything about Indian culture. I would recomend branching out a bit and seeing a bit of the country you are going to. There is lots to see in the the South of India. A good place to start is Kerela. Its got lots of things to see, and at the same time is the cheapest and most relaxing state in the country. There are also some beaches that rival anything in Goa.

As for working, I can't imagine there is much that a foreigner without a working visa can do. You might be able to luck out at a beach and find a bar job or something. I did see the odd foreigner running a bar there. It is my opinion though that the work should be left to the locals. If we are going to come into their country, ignore and distroy their culture by setting up foreigner enclaves, engaging in activities such as partying, drinking and wearing skimpy swimwear that the locals are greatly disgusted by, the least we could do is give them the jobs and income that comes from it. However, if you have a specific skill that is needed in the country and could contribute to their developemnt, then there might be some opportunity for you. If this is the case, then volunteering with a company might be an option. I don't know a whole lot about this, or where to start looking though. But from what I understand, volunteering usully cost you a bit of money and is rarely a way to score free accomidation while travelling.

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Hey Bwonder,
I am also planning to go to Goa in some time. mostly during new years eve. let me know when you have plans of reaching there.
Maybe, we can meet up? :)

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The only advice I can give is to just go. You can plan all you want but when you do, you create expectations and when there are not met you just let yourself down and get disenchanted.

Make a plan for a destination and let whatever happens, happen. Just go there... talk to other travellers. You're not going to find the choir singing here for you and the clouds parting. Just go and experience and the traveller's you come across will have the best information that you could possibly require.

If I can quote a rather popular guide book... "India rewards those who go with the flow".

Best of luck to you.

Khayyam (in the Andaman Islands)