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Hi guys,

Could do with some advice on getting a car in america. Theres me and some friends (3 of us in total) that are travelling the west coast for 6 weeks throughout July and August. We fly to seattle and want to make our way down the coast (highway 101) through Oregon, California and down to the grand canyon before heading back up to LA where we fly back to the UK.

We have looked into bus and rail travel such as greyhound and amtrak but ideally we would like more independance to go where we want so we have begun looking into buying a car (we cannot rent due to age).

Does anyone have any info/advice on buying a car and what to do about insurance etc. for that amount of time. We are all 19 and are able to drive (uk liscences).

Any advice greatly appreciated, thanks guys ;)

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Normally I'd recomend a long term rental for a trip like this, but that could pose a problem as you are all 19 years old. There are a handful of websites where you can find used cars fairly cheap including and
I pay about 150 usd per month for insureance, but I live in the state with the highest premiums in the country, so expect less than that.. You will be fine to drive in the US with your UK license as long as you get an International License before your trip... Also you will have to pay a licensing fee for the car you buy which runs between 40 - 100 usd depending on the state you buy the car in.

Hope this helps a little bit anyways.

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Hi, thanks for the insight.

Any ideas on any companies where i could get insurance as i do not have a US adress?

thanks again