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Hi there

my girlfriend and i will be giong rtw from end of jan.

We will be going to USA (10 days ish), Tahiti (or another SP Island, 1 week), New Zealand (1 month), Oz (2 months), Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and India

We have found the cheapest tickets to be with www.thegreatescapde.com has anyone used this site?

We have a budget of about £11000 for day to day living and a few internal flights and trains in asia. This is a daily budget and excludes our RTW flight, equipment, malaria tabs etc

Does this sound reasonable? Its based on about £45 per day for the 2 of us. Obviously rates for accomadation in asia are by room rather than per person, so after paying for our room we should have about £35 a day, which is more than enough in SE asia i think, which means we will probably have more in New Zealand and OZ.

any help is appreciated

Also we are aiming to be in New Zealand and Oz in about Mid Feb onwards, whats the weather like. Is it getting cooler at this time?

Our timing means that we might end up in India in August, do you think this is OK or will we get washed out! We will probably start up north and work down south.


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I am planning a similar trip to you, only south rather than north america. For 8 months I have budgeted around £6k (excluding flights and insurance) so around the same as you. I figure i'll need around £1000 a month in the more developed countries (oz, nz, south america) whereas only around £600 per month once i get to south east asia and India.

I'm also planning on getting to Australasia from march onwards so interested to hear whether i need to pack my thermals!

Regarding flights, the Virgin/ Air New Zealand Great Escapade ticket is a good one but its also worth having a look into the BA/Quantas World Discovery ticket which allows 6 stops in USA, NZ, OZ, South East Asia and India (in addition to the flight into the furthest stop on your trip).

ali x

3. Posted by ainsworth1 (Budding Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

We did look into the BA/Quantas but decided the escapade would be better and more fitting for what we wanted to do.

I'm peased to hear our budget seems Ok then.

I dont think Oz is that cold at that time, just past the summer, probably like Autumn in the UK?!