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I was wondering what fines for speeding are in Australia. High, low?
And what other penalties if you drive really fast? Do you lose you drivers license as a foreigner?

I also heard that it's allowed to drive as fast as you want on some roads in the Northern Territory. Is this true?

Thanks, Michael.

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I think it changes from state to state, but this should be a bit of an outline: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/rulesregulations/penalties/speeding.html. Don't know about penalties for foreigners.

Yes it's true, some sections of highways in the Northern Territory have no speed limit. However, they just recently announced that speed limits are gonna be imposed on the territory highways for the first time. From January 1 next year it'll be a 130k speed limit on the highways.

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Thanks Superwolf. Does the 130k apply to the Stuart Highway as well?
I really hate it when, for example in the US, road are long and straight and you can only drive 65 mi/hour.

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Only a few roads in the NT are unlimited.
Other states have varing degrees on how they treat speeders.
The ACT is one of the relaxed, I got caught doing 253kph in a 50kph zone (it was 2am and on a by-pass). I got a court summons and a whole lot of additional fines (careless driving, reckless driving, riding without due care, ....... five pages worth !!!!
If i'd had been stopped 5 miles down the road I would have been in NSW, and I would have been arrested on the spot.
Victoria has a reputation for no tollerence. There are loads of places you can speed, but you have to weigh up the risks. Safest way - goto a track day, they are quite cheap and you also get the oppertunity to learn from experienced drivers.

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Best thing..... just obey the speed limit. You are supposed to be on holiday. Leave the rush for home and the daily commute.