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My girlfriend will be meeting up with me in Thailand, we then plan to travel by land to Singapore then off to Oz to work for a year, before going to New Zealand, Fiji and the US.

One issue though is that my girlfriend is diabetic and we are a bit unsure where to get supplies of insulin from and how best to store it. She will be going to the docs next week, although we wanted to know how other people dealt with it.

Hope someone can help.


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Any info? Help!

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Sorry for the delay in posting a reply - somewhat celebratory over the festive season!

To answer both your 'diabetic' questions, here goes:

1. Insulin, blood glucose monitor strips and hypo remedies (apple juice, though no Lucozade!) are very, very easily obtained in Thailand. In an ideal world, a copy prescription with the full name of insulin etc from your girlfiends doctor is best. Do not haste that you must get this, though, as you can take the cardboard covering from your insulin to most pharmacies (including Boots!!) and they will sell it to you. If you are in a more remote area, you may have to wait a couple of days for it to arrive at the pharmacy. Have your girlfriend check what blood glucose monitor strips she uses as the mostcommon over here (Thailand and feedback from friends in Aus) is Accucheck. My own monitor is slightly different and yet I was still able to get strips :)

2. The best way to store insulin is by buying cooling packs (see products via http://www.friouk.biz/uk/). These packs are amazing and are so, so liberating that I never try to find a fridge any more!. I found out about these packs from my amazing dietician (thanks so much Leah) and I've been using them on various trips for the past 6 months. Whether it was in a travel bag to London or a 4 month trip to Thailand, they are wonderful. Trust me, you really can believe what they say on the customer comments.

To help in translation, it is real good to have a copy of the Thailand travel guide from Diabetes UK. This leaflet details phrases and helpful hints in managing your diabetes in Thailand. If I remember, it costs around 1 GBP and you get it by calling Diabetes UK on 0845 120 2960 and asking if you can buy a travel guide.

Hope this helps!

Please do not hesitate to get back to me if you want any further information.


Pamela :)