ROAD TRIP accross the US'..May and June 07...anyone???!!

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I'd like to travel accross the US'...from the west coast to east one during May and June 2007!!

I'd like to do it by car but also train, plane or bus....actually just travel in the us' without spending too much money!!

During this trip...I'd like to visit as many cities as possible with for SURE: NYC, Washington, Chicago, L.A, San Francisco, Las Vegas, then a lot of other places!!!!

Well, planning this trip is kinda new for if someone may be interested to come with me..or just gives me some would be great!;)


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I live in the Dallas,Tx area if need some one to show you around or tell you what not to miss around here.

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i`m interested in that, i live in Europe, but i`d like to come to USA and explore it

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heyy, me and a few friends have made sum travel plans but figure it would be much cooler if they were more of us going, so far there are only 5. Anyway we are travelling from the 11 Aug - 15ish September. We are starting in NYC (for 5 days) travelling by bus from NYC - Washington(for 2 days) flying from Washing to Dallas, Texas(2 days) flying from Dallas - Las Vegas(4 days) travelling by bus to Los Angeles (10 days) flying from LA - Orlando (10 days) flying from Orlando - Buffalo and spending a day at Nigara Falls before travelling back to NYC. We are also planning to visit Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and Miami from Florida. We mite include Mexico depending on money. It's costing $1048 for all of the travelling costs of buses and flights, and also accomodation for 33 nights which isn'ta bad price. The only thing not included is transport from Niagara to NYC as we don't know how we are gonna get there yet. Soooooo planned haha. but its soo cheap we couldn't resist. Let me know if any of u fancy joining us, the more the merrier. We are booking our flights on Thurs, but I'm sure it would be cool to book later for the same flights.