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In january 2007 I am going to peru and ecuador for 5 months and I am planning to do a ayahuasca ceremony and was wondering if anybody has done one and what his/her experiences were like.
I am also looking for adresses, tel.numbers, etc.
can somebody give me some info...

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I drunk already the ayahuaska and more than once. It is made from the "jagube" (banesteriopsis caapi) and the "planta rainha" (psychiatrica viridis). This drank gives hallucinations. I drunk it not in Peru or Bolivia but in Brasil (amazon forest) near the border of Peru (Southern part).

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Hello, I have been drinking ayahuasca since 2001 in tarapoto-Perù. There are some places that you can drink(www.takiwasi.com, dr gonzales, chaman orlando, javier zavaleta,etc). It is very safe and the experience is amazing. The day that you are going to drink you should not eat food only water and soups and then your mind and your body will enjoy in a better way the ayahuasca. The ceremony is about 5 hours, from 7 pm to 1 am.

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Hi, I went to Tarapoto to do the ayahuasca/session at Takiwasi, just to find out that it costs 100usd for tourists. Hm, not worth it.. The owner of the hostel I stayed at recommended a curandero(that is what the "shamans" are called) that was amazing. Just a tip, if you are doing a session of ayahuasca and you are in Peru, it shouln't cost more than 30 soles. 40 maximum.

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