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I plan on traveling to India and many other countries in Southeast Asia starting in late February. I don’t have any set agenda and plan on figuring it out as I go. I plan on buying a one way ticket to India as I don’t know my return date or what country I’ll be flying out of. So I have two questions; what city should I fly into in India to get started and do some countries require a departing plane ticket in order to gain a travel visa? Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Andy

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Arrive in Chennai and you can take a trip to Ernakulam-Goa-Mumbai-Jaipur-Delhi on a roundabout ticket.
If you are arriving in India on a Tourist Visa, you need a ticket that shows departure dates too.

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Ok. As you plan to arrive in Feb. finish all north part of India 1st.

Delhi, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bcoz In March places will become hotcake :)

Then come down to South India, end at goa...

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Hello Andy

If it was me, i would buy the cheapest ticket to India, and start where that takes u.

Yes, some countries require an exit ticket, in order to get a visa, but they dont all check, that u have one.
For example, u really need an exit ticket, to get into Thailand, but they rarely check. However, they are more likely to check, if u look a certain way. Tatoos, body piercings, etc.
I dont know for sure, what the requirements, for other countries are.


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Fly on Delhi. See Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal in Agra. If you want to enjoy this area the fullest spend atleast 4 weeks;).

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Hello Andy,
I agree with Prem's suggestion that it would be good to start with North India and finish with South India, after a hectic exploration of the North, the South would give a contrasting and soothing finish to your holiday.

Fly into Delhi as suggested by Wouter and then do the Golden Triangle extended tour (Delhi - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Udaipur, via Ranakpur - Chittorgarh - Agra - Delhi). Then fly to Mumbai or Chennai or Trivandrum for the start of your Southern India trip covering places along the way and finishing in one of the other two, better to finish at the Kerala beaches.

Enjoy your Indian holiday!

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hey andy...

I would suggest any of the major metros as a start - it will be more easier to get out, go places and to get acclamatised. After which u can start ur travel.... i am not sure what budget ur on, if ur not thinking of doing things very low budget, travelling around shd be quite easy...

as with any other place, it is important to decide what kind of places you want to see, what u vibe with best. and then research to see which places jump out at u - and then pack ur bags... :)

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I can't add much to what others have said about an itinerary for India, but when you apply for the visa, you are required to have proof of onward travel. Maybe if you had a cheap flight from Bangkok-Hanoi(Vietnam) on Air Asia, that would suffice to say you intend on moving on within the 6 month time frame allowed on your tourist visa in India. If you don't have that or at least one flight in another country after India within the 6 month visa period, you are most likely not going to get issued the tourist visa for India.

Like Mel said most places say in the rules they require proof, but rarely do they ask for the proof when you just turn up to the airport or at the land border crossing and get the visa on arrival. Almost always when you have to apply for a visa in advance, you'll need to show some proof you are going to leave within the visa time frame or have travel plans afterwards that show you plan to leave the country. Vietnam and India are two of the countries which you do require proof of onward travel for a visa as you have no option but to apply for your visa in advance. Cambodia and Thailand say you do need proof of onward travel, but seeing you don't have to get a visa prior to arrival, you'll most likely get through without any proof of onward travel, assuming you aren't of a hippie appearance. I haven't been to Laos, but from what others have mentioned on travel forums you won't get asked for proof of onward travel.

When you are in India in Delhi, you should take a trip to Haridwar on the train (2nd class is fine) and then after seeing Haridwar get the bus to Rishikesh and Moussourie (not sure if that's the correct spelling). Also beware of eating close to a building as you might have a monkey or three jump off and try and steal your food out of your hands like they did to me especially on Elephanta Island (off Mumbai). Also beware of the wild dogs that are almost as rampant as monkies, because they have Rabies and if you get bitten you'll need to get rabies injections which can be hard to find in India.

Have a great trip, but be prepared for an enormous culture shock when you go to India.

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Hi Andy, I recommend flying into Dehli but possibly only for a day or two, to recover from jet lag. But book a hotel there in advance or at least have a rough idea where your going. As Dehli can be quite intimadating when you first step of a plane exhausted. There are also many taxi drivers who attempt to scam you. Make sure you show the address and arange firmly a price b4 you set off.

I recommend visiting Manali and parts of the Himilaya's. The scenery is breath taking and you can do small easy going treks or more advanced treks with guides who are very knowledgable and groups pretty cheaply. The Mountians are so peaceful and a nice part of India to see first.

Jaipur is also quite nice to become used to Indian cities as its no where near as hetic as Dehli. (Jaipur Inn is a good hotel, with various prices depending on the type of room. They are most friendly, google it!
Shimla is some where a bit different too, it reminded me of a an Indian Brighton without the beach and sea. It seems that a lot of Indian people take their holidays there.
A must is the Agra for the Taj Mahal, that was the only part of Agra I saw but it was truly inspiring.

Hope thats helpful and not too much info lol, Happy Travelling! x :)