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Hi there,
I have spent days and weeks pouring over various websites trying to put an itinerary together for a 3 month trip around South America and one day I feel like I am getting there and then I feel lost again.. please help! I am planning on flying into Manaus from Venezuala to do an Amazon trip and then to Belem to work down the East coast of Brazil, stopping off at Salvador for Carnival and then on down to Rio. I think I will then go to Argentina and down to Patagonia including Ushuaia. I then want to go up to Peru and do the Inca Trail and finally go to Bolivia before exiting out of Santiago, Chile. I know that I am covering a lot of ground and would reallly appreciate any advice that anyone can give me about the best way to travel round. My RTW ticket includes three flights and am not sure when to use these and when to get the bus... I am thinking one getting a flight from Venezuala to Manaus, then a flight to Belem from Manua and using the third flight to get me from dArgentina to Peru... is this the best thing to do? Any advice at all that anyone can give me would be really graetfully recived.. as I said - clueless Brit needs help! x

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If you cut your plans down to half of it, three months may be just about enough; really, you're being WAY too ambitious.

If you browse back in this forum 3-5 pages, you'll find a number of similar questions; read the posts in those threads, they'll give you some idea of how big this continent really is.

happy planning, Niels

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Niels is won´t be able to see anything properly if you want to do all that you mentioned. I spent this past July and August travelling through Brazil from Rio up to Belem and then through the Amazon to Iquitos, Peru. Some of the highlights of that trip were the smaller places that are off the beaten track like Jericocoara (sp?) and Lencois and you need some time to get to these places. As it was I needed three flights in Brazil alone as it is HUGE! If you can narrow down the places you want to visit then I may be able to offer more detailed info. I´m currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina working my way over to Chile and then up the West coast.

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Thanks for your help - now I'm worried! I have reconsidered and now I plan to do the amazon tour in Manuas and get then bus to Belem and travel down the coast to Salvador for Carnival and then fly from Salvador to Rio and spend a bit of time there before going overland to BA via Iguazu and get a return flight from BA to Ushuaisa and work our way up as you suggested Niels like this:

Aregntina BsAs - Cordoba - Santiago del Estero - Quebrada / Cafayate - Salta - Jujuy - Villazon/La Quiaca - Salar de Uyuni (must-do!) - Potosí - La Paz - Titicaca / Copacabana - Puno - Cusco / Machu Picchu

Does this sound more realistic? This means we won't be trying to do the whole of Brazil - just some of the good beaches between Belem and Salvador.

How does this sound?

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Cut out Ushuaia; Tierra del Fuego is splendid, and it only stays that way if we don't all take so many completely unnecessary flights. Tailor your plans to suit your timeframe; TdF REALLY doesn't fit it. Apart from that I still think that your new itinerary is pretty packed, but you might be able to make it.