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Hello all,

I'm planning a short trip to Buenos Aires in December and would like to have a map of Buenos Aires to see where hotels and main attractions are located. Have any of you seen a good, not interactive map on the web? More or less like those on Lonely Planet printed guides?
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Try this one if you alredy know the exact address:

Or this one if you want to find attractions in different neighborhoods:

Once you get there you can buy a guide called "guia t" or similar, it's very useful. It's sold in all newspaper stands.
Hope it helps!

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hello there. BsAs is one of the easiest cities to get around in south america thanks to the well-developed bus and sub-t system. when you get to BsAs ask around in any of the small "kioskos" (the all-purpose goodies/newspaper stands) on the streets for a thing called the "Guia-T" (pronounce this in spanish of course) and there you will find an extensive map of all levels of the city.