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We are actually looking for the best choices of where to move my family in central or south america or caribean islands. I have a wife and 3 kids and think it would give my kids a perspective on the world and an edge. We want a lot so my list is big and unrealistic. I am willing to compromize I just want to pick from the places that come closest to what I want.

We are looking for a country that first of all has high speed internet. I am in school for computer work to do remotely from home on-line. So I will have an USA income down there. We want low cost of living so we can travel and live without worry of cost and still be able to save money. We want to afford a nice home with ocean views with beach close by and mountains close by too. We want semi-tropic weather "not too much rain but short rain burst in afternoon and over night is nice. Temp between 70 and 85 f.
humidity as low as possible which I know low is about 70.
We want beaches, snorkeling and SCUBA. We want fishing and hiking. We want SAFE and as good of schools as I can get for the area's for my kids. The less mosquitoes and biting bugs the better. Hawaii has almost everything I am looking for but the cost of living is crazy and I am looking to get rid of the financial stress that breaks marriages apart. I am an adventure junkie and am laid back. Variety is important. Plants and animals are big to us. We would like to have some property so we can have some horses too, and afford the help to care care of animals and home care.

See we don't want much!!! ha ha

Basically we want the best for the least and a place the wife and kids wont get tired of and want to leave. If we had a few choices of places that came the closest then we could narrow it down from there but, there are so many places to pick from it is impossible to put it all together on line. I have been checking it out for a while and I keep finding more places I never heard of.

Dominica sounds nice but it is hotter there and in hurricane belt. I grew up in Florida but on an island in the middle of nowhere I think could be quite a bit more dangerous. I like the sound of Costa Rica. My wife is scared of snakes though, which makes this all a little difficult.

Thanks for your help


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Wow... I love your post! Great expectations on a budget!

A buddy of mine recently moved to Costa Rica at the mercy of his CR wife. There you can own properties anywhere from $30k to $5 million... the high-end ones are inflicted by Hollywood celebs and wealthy Europeans. Tamarindo seems to be the hot spot with beaches and mountains. The CR government has been one of the most stable in Central and South America but the standard of living is still low, which makes for a low cost of living. As for education, you should investigate private schooling for your children if you want the best.

As for snakes, mosquitoes, bugs, insects, humidity, they come with the territory of the tropics. Only thing you can do is to spend some vacation time and see things first hand.

Good luck

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Dear Stan, love the idea, anybody thinking about leaving the US (considering how things are getting) is on the right track IMO. Costa Rica has been talked about so I won't get into it but I have been to San Jose and the beaches on the Pacific coast and it's a nice place. My other recommendation (and what I have been working on for myself and my GF) is a move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can get a Fantastic 3 or 4 bedroom apartment in RELOCETA (district) for under $200,000. It's a safe and VERY upscale area. Also PALERMO/PALERMO SOHO/PALERMO HOLLYWOOD. I would check out the site called Argentinahomes (I don't think I'm allowed to put a computer adress on here - you can figure out the reston that title). They also sell homes that give you much more for your buck then anywhere in the USA. The bonus is if you also want a beach you can buy a place in Punta Del Este in Uruguay on the beach for $100.000 and go for the weekends from BA (this is THE happening beach and plenty of Argentine's go all the time or have a second place there).

BA doesn't really feel like CA or SA but like someplace in Europe. It's one of the world's beautiful cities (I'm a travel photographer, been to about 80 countries), a very sofisticated population, cafe society - like Paris, and very educated, proud people. The food is excellent since so many Italians, Germans, and Spaniards came to BA as immigrants - they brought their wonderful cusines with them. As you will find the best beef in the world, as well as great beer and wine can be found there. another place to get more in fo is internationalliving (you know what to add for computer). If you are stuck on CA skip Nicaragua, El Salvador, Belieze, and Guatamala. Some are nice places but not to live. In SA the only other place would be Santiago, Chile. Brazil is interesting but the crime is a bit of a problem - not good for children but go to Rio before Sao Paulo. oh, also check out apartmenstsba on the web. Best of luck. Should be doing it myself in the next 6 - 12 months. Zoom