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As I'm trying to plan a trip to Colmbia I would like to hear some info about it... I don't wanna be paranoid - And I try not to get scared of by the media and such - But of course I would like have a good and safe trip...

I would be going alone - Probably Bogota, Medellin o´r Cartagena - Is that safe?

Is it safe to walk around the cities alone? - I'm well aware that when dark sets in i should get back in my room or so - But what about at day?

I have heard that you shouldn't walk the streets alone with a camera? Is that true?

I would prefer to make a lot of walking around the city - Have done it in Europe and enjoy it very much - leaving the main streets gives great insight into cultures! But is this safe in Colombia?

Should I instead find another country? I would so much like to see Colombia - A dream coming true - But should I look to Argentina instead? Or another??

Thank you all... Hope you have some info about these subjects!


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try armenia,its a small citie inthe coffe growing region.its safe their. i could refer you to were to stay and they will set you up with a safe guide,

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oh that sounds great... nice to see the coffee production and so! however not sure i'm gonna get around colombia right now! which is pretty sad! but i hope it won't be that long...

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I'm going to Ecuador this spring and was planning to bus it all the way up to San Francisco afterwards, which inevitably would involve going through Coumbia. I too try to avoid north american paranoia, however, I recently met a couple different people from Columbia, and they both advised me to stay out of rural areas in Columbia. The guerrillas make routine road blocks, checking peoples passports, and if you are from north america or even mexico, you could have a lot of problems. I have never been there myself, but this is the warnings I got from Coumbian citizens. The one girl told me that walking alone in the cities is generally safe, but you shouldn't do it alone at night. She said that she was robbed twice when she was a teenager.
Don't want to damper your plans, but it's a good thing to know.

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With an o. Not a u.

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English isn't my first language. Sorry for spelling it wrong asshole

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yea... absolutely! i mean colombia can be dangerous - from what i have heard the worst places are around the panamanian border, in the south and in the rural areas... and the cities will have neighbourhoods not too got to be around! but this is the same everywhere!

for a moment i think i was a bit frightened from my own prejudices... but common sense will bring you a long way - and from what i've heard you'd often know if you're entering parts of a city where you shouldn't be! but of course respect is needed - and precautions!

however i'm still hoked on colombia... heh! and i really hope i ca go sometime in 2007! that would be top-notch!