Extra payments @ Thai/Cam border crossings?

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Hi all,

I just read a post that said it is common to experience exortionate rates for visa's @ the Thai/Cambodia land border crossings, particularly if you don't have the backup of others with you.

I was planning to cross from Thailand at Poipet into Cambodia in a few weeks and i'm travelling by myself, so unless i find myself with a group of people, I'm a little weary of being ripped off, and really don't have the budget for paying off greedy border officials.

Maybe i should fly into SR or PP to get around it that way - but then the price of the flight would probably be equal to or more than the extra visa payments at the border?

One last thing, how many days should i allow for if getting a Myanmar and Cambodia visa in Bkk and how much more expensive is it for an express service (i beleive they're normally $30-35US each)?

Any help or advice would be really appreciated :)


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Hi Tasha,

Firstly, get your Cambodia visa in Bangkok, it makes things a lot more simpler. If you are staying on the Khao San Road you will find many outlets that can organise this for you. Usually takes 2-3 days max to get sticker issued in your passport. I can't remember how much I paid for it and I can't advise on Mynamar visa - sorry.

Now as for the journey from Bangkok to Poipet. You will find that the trip between Bangkok and the Thai border is nice and smooth with no problems but when you get to Poipet things change A LOT!

The journey from Poipet to Siem Reap is one of the worst bus journeys I have EVER experienced. The road is basically a mud track and is heavily pot-holed!! Be prepared for possible problems along the way. The reason why this road has not been fixed is apparently because the Thai government pay off the Cambodian government to NOT fix the road so that people fly to Siem Reap instead. This is only the circulating rumor and cannot be confirmed.

If the price is cheap enough though, I would recommend that you fly to be honest.

If you do decide to venture by bus, one word of advice. At Poipet there is a money exchange scam operating. Whereby they tell you that you can't use your US dollars and must change them for Riel - THIS IS NOT TRUE. U.S. Dollars are accepted everywhere in Cambodia and are infact the recommended means of payment due to their stability. Basically if you fall for the scam they will change your money but give you a very bad exchange rate and you will effectively get ripped off. Be wary of anyone offering such money exchanges at Poipet.

Hope this helps you out a little.

Matt. ;)

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Just updating on what Matt said about the road from Poipet to SR...The road has been resurfaced! You ride will be a lot more smoother. Well, while you arev travelling solo, you are bound to bump into many "farang" travellers at Poipet border crossing. So join the queue. Ingore the touts....lots of them with all kind of crappy tales. Just give them a "killer stare with a smile".



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On Myanmar visa..go to the Myanmar Consulate at Pun Road Bangkok..you can get it done in one day...just that your pay double (for the normal 3 day wait it is 810 bahts).

I have sent you a PM with some additional info on this, and what you ought to do on arrival in Yangoon.


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Hi, you might want to check this site for information on travelling overland from Thailand into Cambodia, this site is regually updated as to the conditions of the roads, latest scams, problems at the border etc.


I did this trip the other way around (Siem Reap to Bangkok) don't think it's as bad that way as I did it independently (taxi to Poipet, then public bus to Bangkok). But for 2 hours it was awful, rest of the time ok. Still it can't have been that bad if I can laugh at it now.

Don't let anyone carry your bags at the border or hold an umbrella to block out the sun for you, it'll cost!

Good luck.