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1. Posted by hey_monkee (Respected Member 430 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

How easy will it be to pick up a used 4WD once we get to Aussie? We're beginning in Melbourne, will we be able to find one there or should we wait till we've moved on? We want it to generally get ourselves around the country, and to take to the Outback with. Comments/advice much appreciated

2. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

dont fuck around with a dodgy car dealer... my advice is to go to a reputable dealership, as theyre less likely to rip u off. i mean, theres never a 100% guarantee that your cars gonna be schmeck, but the chance is higher. in saying that there are tonnes of smaller dealers who probably have sweet 4wds. but you never know whos flogged the shit out of it.. if it has to carry you to the outback then make sure it has an RAC check on it (i think NRMA or something over east) as thats meant to show you its passed all the safety checks... you ont wanna be stuck in the outback cos ur dodgy car died lol

make sure you carry extra water (for you AND the car0 as well as oil and 2 spare tyres. you may also wanna pick up a pump for the tyres that you can plug into the spark plugs. very handy for when you let down the tyres for sand but hten hit solid road again...

3. Posted by jaxstar84 (Respected Member 415 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

oh yeah, and you might wanna lookinto buying the car in QLD as i think they have a much lower stamp duty charge, you might save ALOT of money...

also load up on petrol in QLD they have a gov levvy or something, which makes it cheaper, 8c i think... but i noticed it was much cheapr than in perth, where im from... so yeah... get out ya jerry cans!

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I agree with Jaxstar - don't necessarily go for the cheapest dealer. But then again if you are a mechanic or mechanically minded then you may not mind working on it as you go. There is no easy way to go about purchasing a reliable vehicle.

Possibly it may be best to wait until you get to the more rural areas - you may find that prices could be cheaper because there may be more on the market. I suggest you begin to google 4WD prices in Aust - it may give you an idea what you are looking at price wise.

Sometimes you will get a vehicle already set up for travel and camping through Auction yards and then also you can find some gems through backpackers ready to leave Australia. However you cannot guarantee what state they are mechanically.

Some tips on travelling in the outback areas of Aus.

ALWAYS let people know where you are going eg let the police and your hostel know where you intend to travel next and approx how long you intend to take doing this part. Then when you arrive at your destination let the Police (and your hostel) know you are there.

ALWAYS make people at service stations or your stops notice you - talk to people and let them know where you are from and what you are doing. This assists if a search is mounted for you.

ALWAYS STAY with your vehicle if broken down in the outback unless you can guarantee 100% you know where the closest assistance is. It is far too easy to get lost out there and too many people have lost their lives through walking away from their vehicles.

Get a good book on outback survival - it will give you good hints on how to deal with problems. If you intend going way out in the middle of nowhere then I suggest you purchase or rent a satellite phone as many normal mobiles don't have coverage out there.

Take plenty of water with you no matter where you are going eg I always have two full jerry cans with me at all times. Learn to use it sparingly and reuse it in as many ways as you can before finally throwing it out.

And most important of all - keep in regular contact with your family and friends at home as they will more than likely be the ones who will set off the alarm if they haven't heard from you for some time. And I tell you, having run backpacker hostels before, I know how easy it is for parents to raise the alarm only to find out their baby has just been having too good a time to remember to contact home! LOL

Good luck with your search and the very best for your trip around Aus - hope you have a ball.

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