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Hello, I am American, and want to come and live in Spain, I need to know if this is such a long shot because of work visa stuff or what...I have a bachelors degree and am taking a class in teaching english as a foreign language. I also am a massage therapist, and have loads of restuarant experience....so any suggestions if I could get work there? thanks so much any info is great!!!!

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It is possible, but at best you can hope for illegally working in Spain. It has been my experience that it is very very hard to get a legal work permit out there, because of the EU working regulations. Check out my myspace page. In my blog section there are a bunch of links to look up work in different places and how to get there. www.myspace.com/dodier Best of luck to you!!!

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You may contact the USA embassy:


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Even if you have all the experience in the world working in restaurants, you will still find it very difficult to get a job here, as most are taken by the locals.

It is not like the UK (don't know about the US but imagine it is similar) where there is a lot of job movement and students take on casual work to pay the bills. People here get a job and stick with it, especially in the big cities in the south. You may get lucky at the touristy places like the costa del sol , etc, but then you're not really in spain are you?