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Just after a little advice, flights are booked to go away next Feb for 8 weeks....

First of all is 8 weeks long enough, my main reason for the trip is to get as much diving in as possible but i'll be travelling from Adelaide - Melbourne - Philip Island and then make my way up to Cairns area and fly home from Cairns.

Is it easy enough to bump into people to travel around with..

Any any suggestions and advice would be fantastic, bag size etc.

I know this covers a lot, but am frantically trying to gather as much info as I possibly can.

I can't wait to go now! :)

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8 weeks should be enough to do that. the great ocean road between adelaide and melbourne is definitely not to be missed. The penguins on Phillip Island are worth seeing, but I did a great trip which combined an evening visit to Phillip island with a trip to Wilson's Promontory national park ,which was beautiful - I'd definitely recommend this but i can't remember the name of the compnay I went with, sorry.

It's extremely easy to meet other people to travel with - I travelled round oz on my own and met loads of people.

Re bag - pack as light as possible, and get a pack that opens out, rather than a top loader as they are so annoying!

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Traveling around Australia is safe if you go it alone, there are always people looking for travel companions to travel up the coast. You can buy bus passes that will take you up the coast from Melboure Sydney Brisbane Then up North to Cairns. You can stop off at Many places to Dive. I have dived Mainly around North Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands, Townsville has a excellent trip to the Yongarla ship wreck. Cairns has great diving the Great Barrier Reef and there are boats and trips leaving every day. Backpacking is very common and there are many places advailable in Queensland. Flights are also resonable if you book on line budget fares. They have happy hour between 1200 and 1300 GMT+10.Airlines are jetstar and virgin blue. It is summer in Australia and Queensland north will be hot and can be very wet. Hope you have a great holiday.

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Agree with Lorenz

For diving Queensland, especially the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef are not to be missed.

Again the Great Ocean Road is a must to see too

Backpacker Hostels are well run, clean and very reasonable. Travel is varied but on line flights can be bought quite reasonable. It is also possible to advertise or meet up with same mind travellers for the journeys.

Good luck

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Thanks Guys - I can't wait to get there now!

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dont bring too much shit... you wont need it... for 8 weeks, you'll only NEED (youll want more lol but you dont NEED it) a sports bag sized bag. 2or 3 pants couple of skirts/shorts and 5 or 6 shirts, i bet youll wear little other than thongs on ur feet and a hat as well as sunnies etc... if its too much to fit into a medium sized bag its too much! be ruthless!

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Do you reckon I should pack some kind of going out outfit? Like a smartish dress kind of thing? Heels? Probably a silly question really, but just wondered what other girls would reccommend

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Am am going throught the bag packing delima myself - however I can safely say dont bother with heels... Unless you want to go to a nice posh resturant on your travels. Iwill miss mine but as my mate advised on returning fro 12 mths out there you wont need them in the outback on or the beach. swap them for some jazzy flip flops.

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I was a bouncer in Qld for, well too long. Let me tell you, Oz may be one of the most anal countries in the world when it comes to dress regulations in bars, clubs etc. Definitely bring something dressy if you want to get into any nightclub!

As for diving (I presume that is SCUBA?) I really wouldn't worry about any diving anywhere south of Bundaberg. This is where the GBR starts. It is just amazing!