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1. Posted by J0hn (Budding Member 26 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi all, hopefully heading out to australia this coming feb, but unsure on where to head.
Im goin to be working out there as im not overly funded, but intend to take some weeks out to do some travelling without having to work.
So in anyones opinion that would be so kind to share; wheres best to travel, as there seems way too much down there to see it all!

Basically my main thoughts were either to head out to melbourne and up the east coast, or perth and along the south coast? But maybe the coast is not the best route in this instance?

Any thoughts, experiences or opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,

2. Posted by mostrim (Inactive 80 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Having visited there just last year, I can recommend the following. A trip to Uluru(Ayers Rock), a visit to Kuranda(a heritage village near Cairns), a trip to the Barrier Reef and a few days in Sydney. For the latter if you can a trip to the Blue Mountains is worth it. I have done all of these and enjoyed the whole thing. You can find out more at my blog Luck!!

3. Posted by isnoo (Inactive 77 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi John,

Seeing as you are arriving in Feb then my advice is to stay in the southern areas for a few months ie until approx March/April at least because of the monsoonal time up north. You do NOT want to be up there between October/November through to March/April.

It depends on what sort of work you are wanting to get really as to where you could start. If you are looking for fruit picking/seasonal work then have a look at this site - it gives a general idea of the seasonal work available throughout the year in each state.

One suggestion is to start in Western Australia and work your way up the coast to the north and then across the top - when it is the right season to see the best of the north.

It also depends on what sort of time you have in Aus and also the types of things you like doing and seeing.

As you say there is a HUGE amount to see down here so you want to try and find work that will cover a larger area. Work whilst you play! LOL

As you are arriving "not overley funded" are you intending to stay in hostels etc? If so then you can find lifts with others (through hostel notice boards) which will cut costs and you can cover quite an area this way.

You could have a look at this site also on Bus travel in Aus - it may assist you in your choices. Many others can be found by googling Bus travel in Aus.

Hope this helps somewhat. Hope you enjoy this planning part but then I hope you have a ball whilst here also.

With regards


4. Posted by maba (Inactive 227 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

There are may possibilities. First thing to be aware of is that February is middle of the 'Wet Season' so I wouldn't consider Queensland (especially Far North Queensland) unless you want to experience the possible Cyclones. Having said that, it will be warm but rainy & humid - some people certainly want to experience this !
My suggestion is to stay South - Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales will offer good beach weather.
Certainly do Melbourne & the environs such as Philip Island (penguins), the Dandenong Ranges (Puffing Billy & more), Yarra Valley (wines), Healsville (wildlife scactury). Consider also the Victorian Coast from Melbourmne to Warnambool (The Great Ocean Road)- take a few days to do this one.
If you don't get to Adelaide, maybe head up the East coast to Sydney & beyond. From May, heading to North Queensland is OK weather wise and, it does offer great attractions.

As for Central Australia, West Australia and Northern Territory,these are also recommended destinations. But, Oz is a big country and unless you have the time, just do justice to the areas you go to, don't try to do to too much.

5. Posted by J0hn (Budding Member 26 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks all for the replies. I think i will take your advice and stay south at least until april.

Im hoping to stay out in oz for min of 5 months if i can get sufficient work, so timewise hopefully i will have enough to see a fair bit, and in reply to isnoo's question, I will be staying in hostels .

I will take a look over all the places you have suggested, and a few others ive heard of, and go from there i think!
If there are anymore experiences or opinions, then would be most grateful to hear them aswell!

Many Thanks,