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As my China trip approaches I'm looking to finalise my internal travel while there. I'm looking for advice on how to book trains or internal flights on the net from the UK so my travel is sorted.

I have the following legs that I'm looking to sort.

Hong Kong to Yangshou
Yangshou to Shanghai
Shanghai to Xi'an
Xi'an to Beijing



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Hi John
Every book and guide says to book beforehand but there isn`t any panic...
Some hotels have an office and can do it for a small fee.
You need to have your ticket to enter the train station and to exit at your destination. The trains are ultra effecient. You have about 2 mins to board!!!! I took an overnight train from Beijing to Xi`an and another from Xi`an to Souzhou and they were clean and comfy.

Beware lots of kids lookin for your used ticket stub when you leaving the station its a bit overwhelming but not sure of the etiquette in dealing with them but I think they`re trying to get a refund or something like that!

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Hello John, you can buy all the tickets when you come to China. It's easy and convenient.
When you arrive Hong Kong, you can go to the station to buy tickets. Yangshuo is a town of Guilin, you can fly from Hong Kong to Guilin directly. But if you take train, you should turntable at Guangzhou, then to Guilin. Guilin to Shanghai is more than 25 hours by train. But you'd better ahead one or two days to buy your tickets to another city, or the tickets will be sold out when its busy time.
If you like, you can send messages to me, maybe I can help with your tickets in China. I'll be very happy to become your new friend here.

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There is no train stop over at Yangshuo, so you need to take train to Guilin and then drive or cruise to Yangshuo. You can check this link -snip- for ticket booking. Any questions, just PM me.


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There's no train station at Yangshuo. My recommendation would be to take a train/bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou East train station, then change to a bus to get to Yangshuo. From Yangshuo to Shanghai, you could choose to fly from Guilin (about 2 hours drive from Yangshuo) if you have the budget for it. Otherwise, you could take a train from Guilin (1 hour drive from Yangshuo + 29-hour train ride) or from Guangzhou (10-hour bus ride + 24-hour train ride). It should be easier to get train tickets for Guangzhou -- Shanghai rather than Guilin -- Shanghai though. Alf at the Buffalo Bar and Guesthouse in Yangshuo ( is a really friendly and helpful guy (Spanish/Australian, don't remember which), you might like to ask if he could help you in some way or other.
I could help you with the pre-buying of the Shanghai -- Xi'an train ticket if I'm in town, when would you be here?
As for Xi'an -- Beijing, either get your hostel to buy it for you (extra service charge) or wait till you get to Xi'an and buy it personally at the train station. There're many trains for this route so it's not too likely that it'll be sold out for days on end, you might just have to be a bit more flexible about your plans.

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Hi, John. Really glad to your visit in China! Good chioce for you!

I think the obove friends are right advice. You shouldn't rebuy all the tickets. There are many tickets waiting for you when you come, except the MAY/OCT.1st, here .Because this is a national holiday for we all Chinese.

BTW,If you need any help in China here. You're welcome to send me massage . All are free !

Friendship is worth for all !

Kathy ^^

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