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Kia Ora people,
My friend and I are off to Europe in May, 07. We are doing three Top Deck tours around Europe, Scotland and the Greek Islands, before finishing off in Athens on 16 July....which is when Part 2 of our adventure begins.

We are planning on working/staying in Italy for a year, which is how long my friend can get a Visa. I've got a UK passport so i'm fine with that stuff :) Anyway, i've been looking around for info on Italy, and from what i've heard, Italy in late July/ early August pretty much closes down as everyone heads to the beach.

Does anyone know if this is true or not? Cause we will be looking to heard straight to Italy once our tours finish, which will be probably around the 20 July.

We were thinking of looking for work in Florence, but does anyone recommend we go to the beach towns for a month or so first and see if there is any work there? I'm fine doing bar work for a while, but we will have a TEFL cert each before we go, which is what we are hoping to get in to.

If anyone could lend us some advice it would be great :) We are fine playing it by ear when we arrive, but would like to have some sort of idea :)



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It's true, Italy pretty much takes a ntional holiday for the whole of August. However, major cities (especially tourist ones like Florence) will still be working. Only real problems you should have is if you were looking for work in small towns.

That said, maybe you should consider doing some beach bar work for August anyway? It would be a lot of fun, especially if you head to Rimini (party capital of Italy) and you may even make contacts with people from other areas who might help you get jobs etc.