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Iv recently been thinking more seriously about travelling, iv never thought i was the travelling type, but i think im missing out. all my friends come back with fantastic stories and pictures and i want a peace of the action.
firstly id like advice on how much 3 months away is likely to cost with flights, spending money and accommadation

Im looking for a sunny climate-would love a tan, and would like to go on some trips, see some amazing sunsets, and make some new friends. possibly than likely travelling on me own..

sorry to be vague!!!


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You can probably look to spend about 40-60 Euros per day on a reasonably frugal trip. Of course, it depends where you're headed around the world. Southeast Asia, and Europe can be amazingly cheap and liberating if you don't mind discounted stays. China's big draws are mainly Beijing and Shanghai, which can be less of a bargain for the services you recieve. Japan can also be fairly expensive due to space concerns. Generally, a moderate traveller will spend around $1200-2000 per month on holiday, including fares and train passes but not including plane trips.

For a sunny travel, I might try the Pacific islands, but be aware that island-hopping is not very cheap by plane! Meeting all the locals in small villages will give you many happy memories.

You might enjoy a middle-eastern trip through Egypt, Iran, and Dubai. These countries are surprisingly accomodating and are very warm and sunny. You can also gain a better perspective of this part of the world which is very influential today by living with the people, if this is important to you.

Since you posted in the RTW section, I'm thinking mainly about covering large areas. Perhaps you have some dream destination in mind to meet people with your interests?

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Hi thanks for your post. i dont mind staying in one small area as long as there are some beautiful beaches etc. i guess i would like to see about 2 or 3 diff places. they could be close together i dont mind.

iv contacted STA travel and they have asked me to call back about an itinery, but the thing is im literally starting from scratch and have little idea about where i really want to go..

and what time of year is best for the pacific island trips. to get the best sun?


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Youcan actually do a nice wildlife and beachh safari in Kenya or Tanzania. Land costs will be around $ 60-200 per day depending on the safari you chose-camping,lodge, flying safaris etc. as for Flights i am not sure ....


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