Flown British Airways from Heathrow since October 25th?

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As you may or may not be aware, recently a former Russian spy died of radiation poisoning. He had travelled from Moscow to London on a British Airways flight.

BA found traces radiation on two BA jets, and have grounded them. They are also looking for any passengers who might have flown on those jets since October 25th. All the flights were in Europe.

The airline says the “risk to public health is low,” but they are trying to contact the tens of thousands of passengers who flew on the jets.

The following is taken from the Toronto Star article, which can be found at: BA Jets grounded. If you've flow recently, you might want to check the list, and if you have contact BA at the number listed below.

Here is a list of flights affected by the British Airways order to contact passengers travelling on planes being tested for radiation in the poisoning death of Alexander Litvenenko.

Passengers from the following British Airways flights have been asked to contact British officials. Those who took the flights are asked to call the airline at the telephone number 44-191-211 3690.

Passengers from the following flights are being asked to come forward:

London Heathrow to Moscow/Moscow to London Heathrow

Oct. 25, BA875

Oct. 26, BA872 and BA873

Oct. 28, BA872 and BA873

Oct. 31, BA874 and BA875

Nov. 3, BA874 and BA875

Nov. 7, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 8, BA874 and BA875

Nov. 9, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 14, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 15, BA874 and BA875

Nov. 16, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 17, BA874 and BA875

Nov. 18, BA874 and BA875

Nov. 20, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 22, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 25, BA872 and BA873

Nov. 28, BA872 and BA873

London Heathrow to Barcelona/Barcelona to London Heathrow

Nov. 4, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 16, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 17, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 19, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 20, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 21, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 22, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 23, BA478 and BA479

Nov. 24, BA478 and BA479

London Heathrow to Dusseldorf/Dusseldorf to London Heathrow

Oct. 30, BA936 and BA937

Nov. 6, BA936 and BA937

Nov.18, BA936 and BA937

Nov. 19, BA936 and BA937

Nov. 24, BA936 and BA937

Nov. 25, BA936 and BA937

Nov. 27, BA936 and BA937

London Heathrow to Athens

Oct. 30, BA632

Nov, 6, BA632

Nov. 7, BA634

Nov. 9, BA634

Nov. 10, BA632

Nov. 14, BA634

Nov. 19, BA632

Nov. 20, BA634

Nov. 21, BA632

Nov. 22, BA634

Nov 24, BA632

Nov. 25, BA632

Nov. 27, BA632

Nov. 28, BA634

Athens to London Heathrow

Oct. 30, BA633

Nov. 6, BA633

Nov. 8, BA631

Nov. 10, BA631

Nov 10, BA633

Nov 15, BA631

Nov. 19, BA633

Nov.21, BA631

Nov.21, BA633

Nov. 23, BA631

Nov. 24, BA633

Nov 25, BA633

Nov,27, BA633

London Heathrow to Larnaca/Larnaca to London Heathrow

Oct. 29, BA662 and BA663

Nov.r 11, BA662 and BA663

Nov. 12, BA662 and BA663

Nov. 13, BA662 and BA663

Nov. 18, BA662 and BA663

Nov. 26, BA662 and BA663

London Heathrow to Stockholm/Stockholm to London Heathrow

Nov. 19, BA780 and BA781

Nov. 22, BA780 and BA781

Nov. 23, BA780 and BA781

Nov. 24, BA780 and BA781

London Heathrow to Vienna/Vienna to London Heathrow

Nov. 28, BA846 and BA847

London Heathrow to Frankfurt

Oct. 26, BA916

Frankfurt to London Heathrow

Oct. 27, BA901

London Heathrow to Istanbul/Istanbul to London Heathrow

Oct. 27, BA676 and BA677

London Heathrow to Madrid/Madrid to London Heathrow

Nov. 26, BA460 and BA461

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Hey Greg - thanks for listing BA's flight numbers. I think this thread should be stickied for awhile. At least it will give members time to look at the list, especially if they have been on a BA flight recently.

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A friend of mine who's a specialist in all things "radiation" feels this is potentially EXTREMELY dangerous and feels that BA MIGHT be downplaying this situation AND/OR has not yet cleared 100% of it's other planes but is still flying the rest of it's fleet (except for the 3 that have been pulled out of service so far). Take his opinion for what it's worth. May mean something or it may not mean anything. It has to get inside your body, on the plane that would mean through normal breathing or, to a much lesser degree, food. Either of these situations would only apply if ANY of it was released into the air (which obviously it was since they are getting positive readings). It takes less than a speck of dust to do a great amount of damage. It cannot be absorbed through the skin. Just a thought, Chernobyl happened on 26/4/86 but was not officially admitted to until days later (thanks to Sweden). Zoom
PS. Thanks for the list Greg - good work.

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Just to add a note onto this, the BA website has the listing and what people should do next.
I was on flights to/from Dusseldorf on either side of the ones stated.
Seems there maybe a 4th plane involved also.