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1. Posted by jimbo7 (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


I am an Australian planning on flying into Thailand, then traveling into Lao, Vietnam and Cambodia (all overland) then finally flying back to Thailand before heading home.

The total length of my trip is 68 days. I have booked a return flight to Phuket.

Here are some questions:
1. Can i just get a 30 day visa on arrival into Thailand?
2. Will this be a problem because i do not have a return flight that falls within that 30 days?
3. If it is going to be a problem, will it be with my airline, Jetstar or with the Thai immigration officials?
4. What other alternatives are there for visas that allow a double entry visa for a total of 68 days?

Thank you for reading!


2. Posted by roamp (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

You can get a 60 day tourist visa outside Thailand that can
be extended in Thailand for another 14 days. Remember visa
rules are changed ever other day here. Try checking on for the latest. I've flown to Thailand dozens
of times and never been asked for a return ticket, though
a travel agent might inquire (they'd rather sell a return
ticket). I'm pretty sure Australians get a 30 day stamp
upon arrival. I believe the new rules say you can get
three such stamps within a six month period as long as you
leave the country each time.

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Roamp is 100% correct.
apply at home at Thai embassy and recieve a 60 day visa, but if you leave thailand within that period it then becomes invalid,but when you return you have (Aust 30 day entry) 30 more days. If that is not enough, cross the border again. you are allowed to do this untill you have a total of 90 days in a 180 day period.
the cheapest option is to arrive thailand get stamp for 30 days, at that time,leave for at least 8 days and return thailand. you will get another (the second) visa stamp valid for another 30 days, giving you the time you need.
if you have any questions when you get into Bangkok... stop at Soi 1 guesthouse( on sukhumvit) They give heaps of advice and know the ropes.

4. Posted by jimbo7 (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

thanks peoples for your responses.

I have decided to get the 60 day tourist visa from here in australia, then travel overland out of thailand after 2 weeks. As advised here I will return to thailand and get the 30 day visa exemption so that I can travel to phuket and get my flight home.