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1. Posted by tpoint (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have planned a visit to Italy during Christmas for 4 days. But I want to cover number of places.

I will be landing in Pisa on 22-Dec-06 in Evening and will be coming back on 26-Dec-06 from Milan.

I have planned to visit Pisa, Florance, Rome, Venice, Pompai and Milan.

But not able to arrange these in optimal order. Can u help me in planning my visit??? like which order I shd visit the places so that I visit all the places and also I shd nt miss nice places in each city.....

Also the safe budgeted accomodation.....

Any suggestion like dropping a city and adding new place is most welcome.


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Hy! basically you've only 3 days to visit everything..definetely not enough to see al the places you've mentioned.
you can visit pisa in approx. 2 hours, then you can take a train to florence and sleep there. there's a a train every half an hour from the main station of pisa (pisa centrale), the journey lasts 1 hour. you can check the schedule here:
you would need at least 2 days to visit florence, then you can go to north (by train) and reach milan.(3 hours and half). Milan it's not an interesting city in my opinion, you can visit the cathedral, Leonardo da Vinci Cenacolo, S. ambrogio church, sforza castle and brera quarter.1 day is enough. That's all. Rome pompei and venice are out of your route, if you want to see something-just a little bit-and not only to cross a city in a bus you don't have enough time to reach rome or venice (neither pompei, which is southern than rome.)
I'm sorry but I don't have any suggestion about accommodation.I live near Florence, and I lived in Rome and Pisa, I 've never slept in a hotel in those cities.
cheers, laura

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Hi there TPoint!
Where are you from?

While landing in Pisa: if you are not tired visit Pisa that very evening. 1 – 2 hours will do for Pisa.
Pisa  Roma is a big distance, so I advice that you travel to Roma on December 23.
Roma - Napoli is about 2 hrs by train (when you take the fastest train to Napoli followed by the ‘CircumVesuvius’).

I think that you have to skip a city or two!


December 22: Pisa
December 23: Pisa – Roma (take the 5:30 train and you’ll be in Roma ± 10 o’clock)
December 24: Roma – Pompei and back
December 25: Roma – Venezia ( 6 hrs by train)
December 26: Venezia – Milano (3 hrs by train)

Beware of pick pockets in Pisa and Napoli!

I cannot inform you about cheap accommodation.

Kind regards and have a nice trip.


4. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello tpoint

I think it is best, to just choose 2 of those places.
Pisa and another one. U will spend way too much time rushing around, if u try to do more. Part of the experience, of any place is sitting or roaming around and soaking up the athmosphere.