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hi,im a 20 year old french canadian (male)and i never liked working a dead end job and staying put in one place,missing alot of fun stuff doing so. so ive been thinking of not living completly in society anymore,i want to keep moving from country to country,keep travelling indefinetly and make entire continents my residence.for that purpose,ive worked my ass off for years and bought a apartment building so i have residuel income and all the free time i my questions were,if i travel like that will visas be a issue,meaning are they long to get and will they permit me to stay a long time in the country (i never travelled before so it may be a dumb question). i intend to stay in a country for months on end seeing everything (im a really curious man lol) and that brings me to my second question,can i rent apartments (cheap and cozy.probly wont be in them alot) just for a couple of months(under a year) in the country i visit or im i stuck camping and goin to hostels?
By the way i know i dont have enuff experience for that kinda trip right now, that's why i'l be doin small trips to tropical locations(hit the beaches and relax hehe) and see how i feel about it all,but in the meantime im gonna get all the info i need and ponder

p.s this site is great,lots of useful tips and a great community to

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Visas vary wildly from country to country. You'll have to do a bit of research and careful planning before you dive in. It's a pain, but it's part of the game of travelling. If you have specific questions about particular countries' visa requirements, ask them on here and I'm sure someone will be able to tell you.

As far as short-term apartment, craigslist is your best friend. There are all kinds of sublets available in the housing sections. It takes time to find the right place and right roommates, etc., but again that's part of the process.

Congrats on getting so close to your goal!

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Keep in mind that you are eligable for the easily obtained Working Holiday Visa for several countries. They will give you a year, and sometimes two, of living and legally working in these countries. You can get them for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, some of Europe, Japan and a few more. Do a google search for some more info.

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salut !

Here is a really cool website from the govt of Canada. It gives you all the infos on working holidays around the world.

Canada has just sign treaties with Italy, Czech republic and Norway for working holidays visas. which is really amazing, the list keeps adding up especially in Europe.

enjoy your travels ...