Moving soon....would like some insight.

Travel Forums North America Moving soon....would like some insight.

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I am moving in the relatively near future. I am tired of living with sheeple and merely existing and not following my dreams,
so I intend to do something about it. I want to make a great home/neighborhood for me, my daughter and close loved ones,
then leave this "land" as an inheritance to her/them. Kinda like Walton's mountain, where generations of my family can
live in an idyllic setting. Yes I am a romantic sue me. It may not happen, but that's what I'm shooting for.

Work will not be a problem (I am in the dental field), however, I am reeeeallly hoping my next move will be my last so
I am taking my time in choosing a place. I am in my early 30's and want to build a home and stay put.
I am looking for something that reminds me of "The Shire" from the Lord of the Rings, for lack of a better description,
and I intending to build a self sustaining "off the grid" parcel of land, with a house that looks akin to a
"Hobbit Hole" or earth shelter. I am beginning to really despise this country's politics and I want to be in a rural
area with like minded folks who may decide to have another "tea party" in the not to distant future, then stay in a
place where I can live off the land if I need to, and not be totally dependent on others for my utilities and necessities.
I am thinking Ozarks or Blue Ridge/Smokies area of Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, or Kentucky.
Alaska doesn't quite work for me.
I don't care to be cold that long. I also have a daughter that lives in Texas (I detest Texas, prolly has something to do with my ex,
scrubby brushland and DFW in general) so I will stick to the aforementioned areas, unless given a good reason not to. Otherwise,
I might have also considered Coeur d'Lene, Idaho and parts of Washington or Oregon.

Starting points will be Eureka Springs and Mountain Home, Arkansas and Chattanooga, Kingsport, Sevierville and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Clayton Georgia also sounded nice. Any input would be appreciated.
So far, Tennessee or Northwestern Arkansas seem like the best options. I am looking at factors like general gun/hunting friendliness, low taxes and cost of living, and conservative, eco-friendly minded folks (most rural folks ARE conservative in my experience) who know how to mind their own damn, un-politically correct, business.

In case you can't tell, I'm a Libertarian/Constitutionalist.
The Republicants and Democraps have left a very bitter taste in my mouth of late.......ok, I am done ranting now I think. I don't want a political flamewar. I'm just letting you know where I'm coming from. If you don't have anything positive to add, please just don't post anything. I have had several issues on other forums and I'd like to avoid that.

I used the NRA website, All Experts Encyclopedia at, Sterling's "Best Places" and as starting points
for my search. any other help/suggestions are most welcome. Feel free to email me.

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Western North Carolina is beautiful. My wife and I travel to that area of NC every Fall (just got back a week ago from our latest trip) to stay in a cabin.

I would say avoid Gatlinburg. It is overrun with tourists, and Pigeon Forge is right up the street and is overrun with cheesy amusement park rides and outlet malls. Extremely touristy.

The area surrounding the Nantahala River (Nantahala Gorge) is beautiful and less congested. You have easy access to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, lots of rivers and lakes for recreation, as well as a bunch of small towns for stores and shopping.

Checkout the areas around these small towns:

- Nantahala
- Topton
- Andrews
- Highlands
- Franklin
- Sylva

If you want an area that is slightly bigger but still has lots of land available to so you can live "away from it all" but still have access to it all... checkout ASHEVILLE, NC. It's a very nice small city. All the conveniences of a city, combined with all the conveniences of the country. Check it out.

You don't get anymore conservative than some of the areas I mentioned above. This was, afterall, the same area that harbored the Olympic Park and Abortion Clinic bomber while he was on the run. He was able to get help because he garnered support from religious conservatives who backed his views on abortion. How helping someone who did what he did is right in gods eyes... i'll never understand. Whackos.

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I actually used to live near Asheville, in Montreat. I didn't care for it. NC politics isn't my cup o' tea. I prefer KY, TN, GA. So far I've ruled out Gatlinburg and Sevierville because of input from forum posts. I've heard Sylva is nice and also Townsend and Rogersville.

Thanks for the input though.