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Hey guys,
Been trying to get some feedback as to if this is a trip worth making from mid jan to mid march and the feedback has been slim to mostly none. It's hard to believe that no one has anything to tell me. It kind of leads me to believe that maybe this trip would be a waste of time. Read the forum on what little there is but these places don't seem to be knocking anybodies socks off. Can someone please help me out. Pros and cons, positives and negatives. I've had 150 people check my question with no responses.

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Hey I can't really help you alot but Bali is very beautiful and I think you could spend quite a while travelling to nearby islands like Lombok. If you surf you will have plenty of chances to surf it up, otherwise just hiring a motorbike and driving around would be the go. I have only ever been to Singapore for a few days and it is a very clean, modern city. There isn't so much to do other than eat and shop but still worth seeing. I have never been to Malaysia but have heard wonderful things about it. I have been told of many great adventures hiking so I definitely don't think you should give Malaysia a miss. Why don't you start in Bangkok and then go overland into Malaysia, pass by in Singapore and then head to Indonesia??

All the best....

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You can easily spend 3-4 weeks in Peninsular Malaysia, there's loads to do. If you run out of things to do, you could jump over to Borneo, very easy to fly there from KL with cheap airasia flights. Singapore is only small, probably worth 3-4 days. Bali is quite a big island, loads of stuff to do, with also Lombok & Gilli islands near by. Just beware though that in Bali you might experience a lot of rain, I was there last March to start of April and the weather was very bad, some days it rained all day long. I suppose it depends on what sort of trip you have in mind.

Things to do in Peninsular Malaysia;

Perhentian Islands, stunning, really good for snorkelling, diving and just generally chilling on the beach. Note they are not open until again until end of Feb/beginning of March due to the monsoon.

KL, good stop over for a a few days; Petronas towers, China town, little India, the viewing tower, city jungle etc.

Cameron Highlands; cool climate, tea plantations.

Penang/Langkawi- more beach resorts, Langkawi is duty free. Penang I think has quite a lot of historical things to do.

One thing I would recommend is to take the jungle train ride from Wakaf Bharu (station for Kota Bahru) to KL or you can even take it all the way to Singapore. Great views of the jungle, highly enjoyable train ride.

Things to do in Bali;

Surfing of course, but I don't anything about which are the best beaches? I just know a lot learn on Kuta beach as the waves aren't so big.

Volcanoes, there are a few in Bali and you can climb them during the night and watch the sunrise at the summit.

Ubud, an arty plesant place, cheaper to stay as well. There's a cool monkey temple.

Kuta, very touristy, but the place to be for bars, clubs, shopping etc. Although it was very quiet when I was there.

Of course snorkeling and diving is popular, although not sure if it's as good as in Malaysia or Thailand.

Good luck with your trip.

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Bali is nice and worth a visit, but if you have 2 months then why don't you go into Indonesia a little more. Java and Sumatra has a lot to offer, and Flores is worth a visit. If you're not too worried about your budget then go to Papua. Pros are that Indonesia has basically anything and everything you could ever want to do or see whilst travelling, and sometimes you feel like you're the first person ever to visit the place. Cons are travelling around is not as easy as some places as you need to travel by boat or plane.

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Miss Singapore off your list, save your money, we hated it, bland and not even worth more than a day, a day just to see the zoo!. x

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You could spend around 3 to 4 days in singapore and see everything you need to!

Bali is beautiful and plenty to do as well as chill out and relax! Definately recommend taking in a sunset and seafood dinner in Jimberan Bay - so beautiful (and cheap too!)


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Yon can easily do 5 months in Asia. Covering from Indocnie (Cambodia, Laos, Myamar), Thailand, Malaysia (both east & west), Indonesia (Bali and probably Bornoe)

Suggest to use Singapore as Base. You could get many cheap/budget airlines flying to most locations in Asia from Singapore.

some of the budget airline website -