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Hi there my name is simon, I am an Australian travelling with a british passport and am currently living in the country of Andorra in between Spain and France. Here it is required to get a police report for work, and was wondering if anyone knows how I go about aquiring one? I have never lived in the Uk before so I would imagine this will make it harder for me. Any advice on the topic would be GREATLY Appreciated!

Muchas Gracias!


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Ask our TP member Flo Jo. She's in the know about these sort of things when it comes to Andorra.

cheers, Niels

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Hello Nomisav

I have had to get a police report twice.
The first one, i got, because i got a job, on a US army base, in Germany. I just went to the local police, in the town, i had just moved, to in Germany. They asked me where i had been living, for the last 10 years. Even though, i had been living in many places, there was no problem.
I also go one, because i required it, to get a work permit, for Canada. I got that one, from the local police, in the town in Ireland, where i was a student. That also caused no problems.
I think they are easy to get. It involves filling out a form, and then the police do a very quick check. Sometimes u get it right away, and sometimes, u have to come back the next day.