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again with the questions guys..
What is melbourne like.. good hostel recommendations etc..?
Is it better than perth?

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Melbourne is VIC, not SA. (If there's really a Melbourne in SA that you're asking about, my apologies and never mind this reply.) :)

I unfortunately never made it over to Perth so I can't compare with that, but Melbourne is a really nice city to live in. It doesn't have many "must see" sights, and as a tourist you'd probably be bored after a week (if not two or three days), but if you settle down for a bit longer and start trying the various cafes and restaurants, sniff up atmosphere, get into the awesome live music scene and such, you won't grow bored in a long, long time. The little alleys lined with cafes in the CBD feel very European, Lygon street is awesome to walk over around dinner time, all of Fitzroy is just awesomely vibrant (even if it doesn't hold a candle compared to Sydney's Glebe), and the South Bank just looks very shiny at night.
My main complaint about the place is the godawful amount of flies in the summer, and how absolutely cold it an get at night during the winter. (I mean, it'll still be a few degrees above freezing, which in Europe would be absolutely fine, but for some reason Australians don't believe in good isolation or heating, so Brrrrrr!)

My favorite hostel while over there was what is now known as the Melbourne Oasis. It's a bit further out from the city center, if still within walking distance (and the tram stops right next door), but it's got really good atmosphere (a hundred times better than for the other YHA), a very decent lounge, almost all its rooms are twin rooms (!) and it's located right next to Royal Park, which is an awesome area to walk through almost any time of the year (excepting high summer due to the aforementioned flies), especially around sunset when the hordes of lorikeets go absolutely crazy and swoop around in marvelous flocks. All of the North Melbourne neighbourhood there is very green and quiet and relaxing.

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apologies.. I meant melbourne, Victoria.. Thank you for the reply it was really useful..