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Entering Mexico without a passport stamp.

I'm Canadian. I crossed the border to Tijuana by foot from San Diego, and took a domestic flight to Guadalajara at the TJ airport.

Nobody checked my passport, and I didn't pass through customs.

I'm in Guadalajara now, slowly working my way around Mexico. My next stop is Puerto Vallarta, and I plan to be in the country for a couple months at least. I'll leave Mexico via Cancun and head to Cuba.

At the Cancun international airport, will I be checked for an entry stamp by Mexican customs? If so, what should I tell him - that they forgot to give me a stamp?

The last thing I want is for them to rip me off and charge a ridicilious fee or something. I want things to go smoothly.

What do i Do?

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Speaking as one with a US passport, I rarely am stamped on the way into MX to PV. I usually ask not for legality but I tell them as a souvenir. I have never been questioned about a stamp on the way back from MX either in PV or on arrival in SF.

San Francisco, CA./Puerto Vallarta, JAL.
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Someone made a detailed reply about this on the lonely planet forum and I think it may have even been you who asked it. So if you didn't subscribe to the post, or it wasn't you, you should check out the lonely planet thorntree site.

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Gary travels to PV often, for years. He & I have corresponded also. I'd tend to believe his experiences.
Sounds like you are having quite an adventure of a lifetime!
Happy trails & happy holidays!

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U.S. and Canadian citizens do not need a visa to enter Mexico as tourists.
They need to present a valid passport, or a birth certificate or certificate of naturalization and an I.D.
They will also have to fill a Tourist Form that can be obtained at any airline that flies into Mexico, port of entry or Mexican Consulate Office.
US and Canadian citizens traveling for business or other purposes, can call our visa department at (619) 308-9953, or email them at info like an "A" symbol consulmexsd.org. by the way when you will be in Cancun? maybe I'll be there too! my mail is: mercurynet like an "A" symbol gmail.com bye bye y bienvenido (a) a Mexico!

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Hi Adrienne!
Just an addition...US Govt postponed the passport requirement for another year but let us all get into the habit of carrying our passport while traveling to MX. In a while you will be kept out so get one now.


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