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Hi all, working on a cruise ship is something I've been tossing around in my mind for a couple of years now, but it's always been replaced by another adventure. This is probably because I've heard a few bad things about it - like working looooong days, getting no free time and little personal space, not getting to explore a port when the ship docks etc. So has anyone out there worked on a cruise ship at all? I'm hoping you can be real with me and give me the goss on what it's really like;) Is it an experience you'd recommend I have?

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working on a cruise ship.

What are your skills to work on a cruise ship?
what are you looking for?

please give more details,maby I can give you more details.

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I'm experienced in childcare, I'm a preschool teacher here in NZ and have worked as a counselor at a summer camp in the States. But I'm not fussy, and that's definitely not where my skills end, I'm qualified in tourism/tour guiding too. I think I'd be looking for something different on my time aboard a cruise ship, I'm open to anything, even cleaning cabins. I'm just hesitant about the whole thing cos of the stories I've heard.....

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let me put it straight,
you would like to work on a cruise ship,right?

So you are not a passenger who paid for the trip.
You would be a crew member,in your off duty houres you would not be aloud to hang out with passengers at the pool or bar....
If you could get a job as an tour guide then of course you would be in a different position.
Friend of mine was working as Hairdresser,the owner of the salon closed when the ship docked,so she was able to explore the places all over the world.
Best would be to contact some cruise companys like Happag Lloyd.
Maeby you are lucky for the next saison...

good is for sure that you have some experiance with tourists,
languages are for sure also a plus.
good luck

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I worked on a cruise ship for a six-month contract and in my experience, there was a definite separation between employees who entertained and interacted with the passengers (dancers, singers, musicians, aestheticians, casino workers, etc.) and employees who worked behind the scenes (preparing the food, working on the engines, cleaning the rooms, etc.). Most people in the latter group were not seen in the passenger areas, and while I do remember seeing some of them on their down time, I'm pretty sure they weren't allowed very much freedom.

As a dancer, I was grouped in the former category, and on our days off we were allowed to hang out by the pool (though why WHY anyone would want to, I'm not sure!), dance in the disco, sing in the piano bar, etc. - as long as we wore our name tags. We were also encouraged to explore the ports and tours so we could give recommendations to the guests. If you're experienced in childcare, there's certainly room for that as well -- parents could sign their children up for counselor-led activities on sea days, when the ship sailed without docking at all.

Regarding being a tour guide, the tours available to the passengers at the ports were all led by locals, not ship employees.

I might begin by looking at the differences between cruise lines -- there are many differences between them regarding time off/hanging out in passenger areas/participating in tours, and so on.

And fraternizing with the passengers in any case is almost definitely a no-no. ;)

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Hi there,

I worked on Carnival Cruise Lines for 5 years. I have to say most of my experience on board were positive. I had a great job, able to see the ports and the only reason I left is because I wanted to see something different then the caribbean.

Anyways, it all depends on what job you pick. I know cabin stewards who worked long days and didn't have much time out in port.

I would say your best bet is to pick a job that is entertaining the passengers. Social host, Karaoke host, Club 02 Director, Art Auctioneer, etc... someone who works directly with the guest in the entertainment field.

Apply at when your ready, there is a link at the bottom called fun jobs. then cut and paste your resume there.

Have fun on your new adventure,


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