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pros and cons of one Mr. Bush, jr

Hmmmmm would have liked to hear the pros! didnt know there were any?

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Quoting Mel.

It is the way they walk and sit, and their mannerisms, which are different from Europeans.

The way we wait to be seated in restaurants, the fact that many Americans never learned to dine with knife and fork in their hands -- they only pick up the knife when something needs to be cut up -- or worse, cut up everything all at once. This will certainly draw attention if someone happens to notice it.

That said, for many people, the sound of the voice will peg you in about a tenth of second flat.

Then there's the way that we _don't_ run about with an open bottle of beer -- although there are still a few Germans who don't do this (thank god).

Kevin Pfeiffer

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To be honest and no offense. You can hear form far americans coming. They talk loudly, i find this a really typical attitude.

Good Travels,


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I am Brazilian and proud of being so but I also don't like to be indentified as a Brazilian when I travel abroad. It is much better to mix with the locals specially when you have friends from the places you are visiting. Brazilians also have the reputation of being noisy and messy what is not always true. The same happens to Americans. In South America Americans are easy identified and not because they are white or black as one might think, because there are a lot of black people and white people here as well, but specially because their attitude; comparing everything to home, not making an effort to learn the local languages and expecting that everyone speaks English, is some of the characteristics that make Americas stand up in the crowd. However many of my friends are Americans and many of them don't fit the steryotype. Anyway,... all this was just to tell you to enjoy yourself wherever you go and does not matter whether they identify you as American or not - someone always does in the end - and if you really don't want people to know you are American try to use something - a rucksack, cap or T-shirt, etc,... - with the Canadian flag. It always works. At least, for a while.

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Yes, all problems can be solved by dressing as a Canadian, sadly that seems to be fairly prominent advice out there.

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I think u are misquoting me.
By mannerisms, i just mean the way people sit, stand, walk and generally move. I am not saying anything, about table manners. Manners and mannerisms are 2 completely different words.


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What an interesting thread! I'm Canadian but have been living in Europe for a few years. I'm either pegged as an American or an Australian. (American I can understand, but I'm quite perplexed when people ask me if I'm from Sydney:) I must say I appreciate how difficult it is for Americans to be accepted during their travels abroad. As soon as Europeans find out I'm not American, they're usually much more friendly to me. As to how they know we're not European, I think it comes down to a combination of our voices, clothing, and mannerisms. I think it'd be pretty tough to hide our North Americanness. But why should we anyhow?!

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Just a remark. I always found american girls not so 'american'. American guys are closer to that that noisy, arrogant stereotype you describe. To me american girls are open, nice, polite instead. Anyone agree?

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I think the opposite, well as American guy living in Europe, I feel more comfortable and fit in better here than I do at home. I think the American girls I hear or meet stand out much more than American guys. BUT when theres a group of American guys, they are much more stereotypical I think, you can see the baseball caps move across the streets in a herd.

Canadians stand out from Americans easily!!! They are generally quieter, amd dress more Euro but its easy to spot them cuz everything is "Neat" :)