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Hello Everyone,

I just have a quick question. I am going to be in Peru for 10 days in January. Does anyone know the deal with machu picchu. Does anyone know any reputable tour guides? Do u have to book beforfe hand? I heard that there is only so many peole they let up. Is it too late to book something. Any help would be amazing.
Cheers Jamie

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I guess in January you have a good chance of just showing up and you can leave within a few days, although it's better to book ahead. But the weather can be awful this time, with lots of rain and no good views. Although you might be more lucky of course.
In Cuzco are lots of tour agencies, you won't have problems finding one. Otherwise, just 'google' if you want to arrange something in advance.

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There are plenty of threads to answer your question.
Just have a browse and your sure to find one.