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I love this website by the way, it is so interesting! Just love reading the stories that one has to tell...

I am planning this tight budget trip from Montreal Canada, to Peru, more precisely Trujillo. My plan is going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.. because it only cost 300 CAD.
From there, i want to cross the panama canal, towards Peru.. I think it would be so much more interesting to get there by boat, cruise..raft

So is there anyone who once traveled along the west coast of south america by means of water transportation? or is this just one crazy thought i have ?? If anyone wants to join me in Peru, that would be awesome!

I'd love hearing from you!!

Jasmine :)

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Hey Jasmine,

Welcome and good to hear you like the site!

My girlfriend travelled South America and I believe she did quite a bit by boat. She is off travelling at the moment but I will see if I can get some info out of her when she gets back! Sounds like a wicked trip! Keep us posted



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I will be doing the same thing soon also on a tight budget! The best (and really only, except plane) way to get around in that area is by freighter. You might get lucky and meet somebody with a private boat, but there are no ferries from Central to South America anymore.

Here are some freighters that I have been looking at:


Don't be put off by the prices! Those are long trips, but they do also sell segments, for instance from Panama to Peru.

Hope this helps!


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Hi Jasmine,
I have traveled a lot around south america and I have been to the areas you would have to go through if you did your trip as you say. I would give you this advice unless you have plenty of time and MONEY you are better off buyin a plane ticket to Peru. You will not fidn many people going by boat to Peru. I am not staying it is not possible but it is very unlikely to happen and it would be time consuming and while you wait you would have to spend money on hotels and food. Freighter do not take passengers unless the captain wants to and you being a single woman in a ship full of men that would not be such a good idea.
Once I asked a private sailor why there were not many boats (yachts)going down the Peruvain coast and he said that is going against the strong Pacific current which flows towards the north. Also travel by boat is expensive you have to pay your own food and it is a slow way to travel so you would need foof for many many days just for the travel I dont think you would have much left by the time you reach Peru in the emote case you managed to do the trip this way. Seriuos just better to change your plans and fly straight to Peru, enjoy the country, spend your time and money there. And for boat rips I would recommend you try getting on a boat on any of the amazon region rivers in Peru or rafting which is possible in Peru.

Happy travel

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Hi looking for useful info about going to Peru from Europe by ship,boat,cruise. Thank you for anything.