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If your thinking of going to Singapore... Well... DON'T!!!

Travel Forums Asia If your thinking of going to Singapore... Well... DON'T!!!

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Can this thread please be closed? The new posts contains nothing but bashing and pathetic ideology.

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Quoting hannah1987

Just arrived back from a week long trip to Singapore and what can i say from the moment i got there i wanted to leave.
The first thing, when we arrived at the airport we were accosted by an all-together un-friendly taxi driver who ripped us off with the price by about $20, he didnt smile, and the only conversation he made was to interrogate me about my finances. We were tired and so didnt argue, got to our hotel ok.
We'd heard one of the best things about singapore was the food, however, we were so sick of the food by the second day that we had to resort to starbucks and subway for the bulk of our diet. We found the city heavily polluted, way to crowded, un-charistmatic, bland, and basically a complete waste of time. We concluded that in Singapore there is nothing worth seeing, the temples were un-memorable and crammed inbetween the busy streets, not worth a visit!
We can usually amuse ourselves in a place when theres nothing to do, but after a day we were ready to leave and i believe this is mainly due to the people in Singapore! Everywhere we went in this country we were stared at, made to feel hugely unwelcome and felt like we were a hinderance in the smooth running of their country. On the trains we were stared at and pushed around, when we had huge suitcases the people wouldnt move their legs to let us past or let us in the lift. Whilst taking a trip to the cinema to try and escape Singapore the security guard allowed others to move infront of us in a queue to buy the last tickets for James Bond!! Also when i was in Singapore i lost/had stolen my purse, on trying to find it people were less than helpful, even the policeman at the station didnt believe it had been stolen and just told me to be more careful! We found the people in Singapore to be miserable, smelly, un-helpful, and rude. The only people we felt cracked a smile whilst we were there were the people who were trying to make money off us and trying to rip us off.
The only place worth visiting in Singapore is the zoo!!! its Great!!
After our traumatic experience of Singapore we felt it necessary to leave this comment and warn others that Singapore is not a nice place to spend a holiday, if your stopping over go to Thailand, Hong kong, LA, not singapore, or if you have to, make the stay as short as possible!! We seriously feel they should relax the drug laws then the people might lighten up a bit. We're currently in Thailand, and loving it, the people are SO SO SO friendly, we felt a relief as soon as we got to Bangkok airport where even the cleaners were helping us with our bags. I hope this helps someone, and deters people from going here because it seems that Singapore doesnt welcome tourists.

I found that Hannah's article is highly suspicious. If I haven't been to Singapore, I might be duped into believing this but I am someone who had lived and worked for 3 years in Singapore, 2 years in Bangkok, Thailand and 3 years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I have reasons to believe that this is a malicious attempt on a wonderful country by this "traveller". There are just some many "complaints" given by Hannah that just doesn't seems to gel.
Firstly, taxis in Singapore are all heavily regulated and fares are meter-based. On top of that, taxi drivers here are subjected in having their taxi licence revoked if they are being reported of flouting any rules. I had taken many taxi rides here and the Singapore taxi drivers are one of the most honest bunch I had ever met. There was an incident when I reported to the taxi company on one of their driver driving dangerously and the company had taken my complaint seriously and feedback to me 3 days later on the action taken on the driver.
Secondly, food here is simply amazing with a varied selection of food from all over the globe. It is truly a melting pot of cultures and never before I had been disappointed with the selection of food available in this country.
Thirdly, your claim that the city is heavily polluted and way too crowded is simply ridiculous seeing how you did not have any such issue when you were in Bangkok. Most travellers will agree with me that Bangkok is far too polluted and while both cities are way too crowded at least in Singapore the pathways are wider making it easier to manoeuvre among the crowds.
Fourthly, people in Singapore do not stare at visitors as most of them are just either too engrossed with their mobile phone or are just too busy to bother. The only reason that people are staring at you must be that you must had been breaking some kind of law and people here do not push around and will give way to you if you politely request. Singaporeans might not smile but if you were to ask them for directions and help, they will definitely help you. I had been living and working in this country and travel on public commute to know that Singaporeans are not smelly or rude at all. I might encounter a couple of locals who are rude but every countries also have them.
Cinemas in Singapore do not engage security guards to manage queue and queue-cutting is a no-no in this country and Singaporeans usually will obediently queue for anything. Besides, most Singaporeans nowadays will purchased their movie tickets online to avoid queueing. I don't see how that incident you describe in the cinema being so possible.
The policemen and women in this country are very polite, helpful and take their job seriously. I had make 2 police reports before for losing my employment pass and both times, the police had been very helpful and had given me updates daily on my police report status. Needless, my employment pass was found on both occasions by members of the public who surrendered it to the Ministry of Manpower.
The zoo is not the only place worth visiting in this country. I do not know what your interests are when you travel to a country but Singapore has plenty of parks, attractions and things to offer. It might not have the beautiful beaches and many other attractions like Malaysia and Thailand but it certainly has its own charms. By the way, your claim as quoted here, "The only people we felt cracked a smile whilst we were there were the people who were trying to make money off us and trying to rip us off" can be constitute as a blatant lie.
No way, should Singapore relaxed its drug law and I had been in and out Don Muang as well as Suvarnabhumi Airport countless of times and never have I come across any of the airport staff and let alone cleaners helping with passengers' luggage.

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Genmes, I suspect you did not notice that hannah1987's post dates from 10 years ago.

Travellerspoint doesn't appear to close even very, very old threads so, occasionally, people pick them up (as you did) and assume they're newly posted.

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I have been to Singapore several times in the last 31 years and the only real annoyance for me is the price of accommodation there.

Probably better to stay in nearby Johor Bahru and bus into Singapore.