If your thinking of going to Singapore... Well... DON'T!!!

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This post is 13 YEARS OLD. If someone wants current information about Singapore, I suggest they start a new thread. Please . . .

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I'm an expat. I've lived in Singapore the last 20 years. It's interesting how many people are sceptical when someone post negative comments about Singapore.

I live in Singapore because it's convenient, easy to do business, and it's well organised. I wouldn't choose Singapore as a tourist destination except for a few types of tourists (old ladies - my grandmother loved visiting Singapore, disabled who need wheelchair access etc).

The poster comments are all reasonable and probably accurate.

There ARE touts are the airport, despite being illegal, that sell overpriced taxi rides to the city. The thing with Singapore is there are lots of rules, fines etc but there is little enforcement of these. I can take you to areas in Geylang where there is gambling on temporary tables placed directly under police surveillance cameras. Drugs being sold openly on street corners, bags of illegal cigarettes being sold (unusually the seems to be more caution selling illegally cigarettes than drugs or gambling). I've had 2 friends die in Singapore from drug use, it's a huge issue in Singapore. The we don't have drugs because we have death penalty mentality doesn't work.

Ever had a phone or wallet stolen in Singapore ? The police are useless. Not only is it hard to find the police, when you go to the station to report they actively dissuade you. I was told that there was no point making a report. There's a lot of crime in Singapore (again the "no crime" mentality doesn't hold water).

I think the food is generally good but it's not health and despite the "food paradise" image, you don't have a huge range of options that would find in other cities. The hawker foods are cheap but they're mostly carbs (noodles and rice) and high salt and oil. Singapore has one of the highest diabetes rates. Not helped by kids being given milo to drink instead of water, and milo being promoted in schools as a drink. It's not meant to be an everyday drink.

Polluted ? Oh yeah. Have you go to east coast park late at night before the foreign labour cleaners have come out to clear ? It's a mess, rubbish everywhere. Have you walked behind the back of a hdb block where residents through garbage out the window ? There's more to pollution than the annual haze from Indonesia.

People rude ? Yes. There are always exceptions and I have many good Singaporean friends, but generally people are not considerate, looking out for themselves. We needed lines added to the MRT stations to train people to stand aside to let people get off the train first before trying to push their way on. Busy food court ? Singaporeans will put tissues on the table to "reserve" the table then go take their time to find and order food, while you're standing with your trade of food unable to find anywhere to sit.

Different rules for rich and poor. You think the traffic police ever issue a fine to the bentley that parks outside my office illegally ? Never, even after reporting it to them multiple times with photos.

All of these are without even getting into issues related to the government.

As a foreigner, living overseas and Singapore, the only times I've been robbed or assaulted have been in Singapore.

Yet my visiting friends still think of Singapore as a "utopia" and love visiting. They only see a highly polished public image.

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When we rested in Singapore, we had no problems at all

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I 've spent 11 hours in Singapore (layover time on my way to New Zealand) and it was definitely a highlight of my whole trip. Food was tasty (street food), temples were impressive and Gardens by the bay were purely awesome

Yes, the city was kinda overpolluted and not all people were friendly but guess what, that happens almost everywhere in the world

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hi expatsg what you write is nothing special for Singapore , it is normal almost everywhere in the world. so it is no reason for lamenting about Singapore.
we've been there so often and i love it there.

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Hi Hannah

I can't really imagine your comments and I have to honour your view with respect however I find few of your comments are a bit extreme, I have lived in Europe
most of life and I can see you are from the UK, and there are so many negative points about London, Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool

but that doesn't mean the city of London is completely waste of time, I am a huge foodie, picky about hygiene as well as customer satisfaction, my level is a 5 stars treatment, I blog about food, photography, hotels, restaurants, it's my hobby to find a fault so I can blog about it and yes I have seen few minor cases in Singapore, even some rudeness, racism and so on but nothing compared to what you mentioned.

- Taxi drivers are the best people I've spoken with compared with 368 cities around the world

- Food, spectacular food, both the cheap and the expensive ( mainly the western expensive is the one that fails, had a fight with Italian chef for making me microwave pasta
( but that is everywhere nowadays, restaurant owners cheat with ingredients, give me one place in London that makes good food? without costing you arm and leg.
amazing food in SG is only 5 SGD, that's 2.5 pounds man

- weather is lovely, I always use the air matters app and mostly the air quality around 40 ( normal level ) London around 40s , Sweden at 20-40 , HK level 80 , India 256 ( PM2.5)

- Clean: Food is certified by Class A and B certification standard to ensure cleanliness, nowhere in the world, I've seen such thing, I honestly got food poisoning at Oxford street London in one of the most expensive places, stomach problems in HK , China , Malaysia , Indo, In Thailand always get sick with a flu, never got sick from food in SG

- I agree, people are friendly in Thailand, but only because you are a tourist, Singaporeans I must admit are a bit spoiled, but why shouldn't they when they live in a nice country,

- As a portrait photographer with almost 28000 000 views, I honestly say, there is incredible beauty that I've not seen anywhere in Asia , incredible dresses, beautiful handbags, nails and hair always done to the highest perfection, I am not sure where you have been in Singapore, but there are workers that normally work in construction and sometimes they smell because it's humid and they work outside. very different from London when my whole office use to stink of bad deodorant and cheap perfumes in a prestigious bank

I only gave you statistical facts that can be easily verified by anyone

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Quoting SilverfishPhoto

I only gave you statistical facts that can be easily verified by anyone

Those are not all statistical facts - most of it is your opinion, just like the original poster. And even your 'facts' are open to dispute. Here in New Zealand, food outlets are graded A, B, D & E depending on the hygiene standards. 'Amazing food for SG5' is an opinion, not fact. 'Stinky people' - opinion not fact. Most members here could give you their view of 2-300 cities around the world and they'd all be different and they'd all be opinion - having 28 million views is immaterial.

Perhaps, as a new member, rather than criticising other members in your first post, try to gauge the feeling of the site first. Filling out your profile in the first instance might give you a little more standing amongst the more established and valued members.