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I'm a first time traveller who will be entering Oz on a Working holiday visa on 13th March ... I intend to spend aslong as possible out there...

I am expecting to enter Aus with approx £4000....

we itend to head to Adelaide first of all where we will be staying with friends, intitially I expect to stay there for atleast 1-2months, in this time I would like to gain somesort of work to boost my spends....

We are then looking on purchasing some kind of campervan and doing some travelling up through Melbourne, Sydney, and the east coast heading up to Cairns.... the amount of time we are travelling I am not sure... (any idea's how long this could take, spending a good amount of time in the major stops en route?)

By this time I will be wishing to earn some more cash, obviously, so I am not sure what the plan would be from there, possibly head to perth or another major city to try an seek employment... (any suggestions?)

I want to spend next Christmas/ NYE in Sydney (doesnt everyone?)

I understand that it is not possible to Plan out a trip like this for a year in detail, as things will inevitably not go to plan, but I would appreciate any feedback on my Ideas, any advice on the practicality, budget, any glaring problems with this plan??

Any help or advice appreciated, particularly on cost / employment along the way, as my main concern is cash at the moment...



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Basically work isn't that hard to come by labouring, fruit picking, factory work. you need a a OH&S certificate or card for most labouring jobs. but if you want work u'll find some. plenty of websites a job agency's. grape harvest will be on in adelaide around then if you wanna catch up with some other backpackers and earn some coin.

I'd personally put aside atleast 2 weeks to a month going up the east coast or easily even more heaps to do and see. if your buying a van try buy an ex-fleet as they are genrally well cared i might even recomend a 4 wheels drive as there's some unreal spots on the east coast only accesiable in this way unless you have a real bomb of a car and are willing to risk it.

if your up near cairns might as well try working on a resort in the whitsundays islands, good location, genrally free or cheap accomodation and plenty of the opposite sex.

Nothing wrong with your plan mate just remeber austarlia is a big place and some of the out back petrol stations are pretty expensive
thats why i reckomend a four wheel drive preferably on desiel. with your budget if you do get a van accomodation is taken car of and you can park where you want and go to sleep which is great if you love a surf, fishing or the beach in general. Basically accomodation i find is the biggest killer so if you can stay away from even a camp site everynow and then it makes a big diffrence.

If you really wanna go cheap you could live off 4000 pound easily in austrlia hitching, camping and living of the land but pretty rough way to go i find. your call mate travel the way you want and let everything sought itself out thats half the fun of it and make sure you get lost a few times just for the hell of it.

Anyway i know i go on a bit so i better stop.

Happy travels

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Cheers Mate, thanks for the re assurance...

Out of interest I assume OH&S certificate is occupational health & safety, How would I go about getting one of these is Oz, Labouring work may interest me when I'm away... ?

i would like to keep my options open...


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No worries, yeah your right about the oh&s certificate you can get them through most tafes and some bosses will pay for them for you cost about $80 or you can go to an employment agency and they will point you in the right direction. The only problem is you need a differnent one for each state, last time i checked like red card in victoria, green card in south austrlia ect. but then again if you only labour for a short period you might not even need one. but sometomes it's worth while just incase you have an accident(heaven forbid)if everything is legit you can get a payout.

like you said mate keep your options open don't get sucked into picking fruit when you could be working on a fishing boat earning $1000 instead of $100.

happy travels mate