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hi everyone, apologies in advance for my ignorance

me and my boyfriend are planning our next travels and it's a choice between south america and china. we'll hopefully be spending 3 or 4 months in either place. We're right at the start of our plans and were wondering what the best time of year is to spend 3 months in south america? does it have a high and low season like many countries in south east asia? we'd like to be out of scotland during the first few months of the year but is this a good time? thanks in advance for any advice!


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Well, in general I think this is certainly not the best time of year to go to South America. But of course this varies between countries and depends of what you like.
In Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay this is the hottest time of year with many tourists as well (except Paraguay probably). But for southern chile and argentina (patagonia) the weather is the least cold of the year, so it's a good time for hiking in Torres del paine for example.

If you like some places for yourself, the Bolivian altiplano and Cuzco/Machu Picchu is rather not crowded in these months, because of the rainy season. But it's still possible of course.

Can't really help you with other countries.

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South America is BIG, and has a few plains and a mountain range, ánd is bordering on two oceans. Consequently, a general advice cannot really be given, as temperature depends on latitude, location as well as season.

In general, European summer is winter, which also is the rainy season in tropical SA; 'our' autumn is 'their' spring and vv, and december-march is SA summer, which brings unbearable temperatures in the desert-like plains of Argentina and Chile, except for the extreme south (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego).

But the oceans are pretty influential moderating forces, so the climate is doable in most seasons. Just don't travel to the extreme south between may and october, and don't go jungling in that period either :)

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Thanks for the info and advice

think we should start looking at where we want to visit and then come back with some questions! thanks again