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Hi everyone,

Me and my mate are arriving in Sydney on the 31st of January and leaving Australia from Cairns in late May to Tokyo for a week then home. Between those two dates, I don't have a clue what to do. I'll be working on a budget of about 5,000 Dollars, have a WHV and would like to try my hand at some bar work in the big cities. I have some friends in Melbourne who I'd like to see and I would love to get some cheap flights to New Zealand for a few weeks. But apart from that I'm really don't know

I would be grateful for any suggestions on what to do on our trip? Must see places, best places to work for about 6 weeks? (At the moment it's between Melbourne and Syndey)



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Hi Matt,

Try this topic out that i posted a couple weeks back, got lots of advice on places to see ect:


Just out of interest aswell, Im arriving in sydney same day as you, your flight from heathrow on the 29th?


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Yeah Japan Airlines flight, to Tokyo first, a bit of a coincidence. Thanks for the link, very useful.


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I am going out on 29th also!! So looking forward to it! I am doing the 3mth tourist visa. I have looked at ozexperience.com as they have a reasonable round trip which covers all of east aus. I have spoke to my friend who has used them and said they are well known and good. She advised to do the clockwise version of the trip "knobs and bells" its called to take advantage of the best weather times. I am going on a budget of £3k and taking into account cheap hostels and the oz experience Iam finding Iwill get to see everything I want and do helicoper ride aswell! If you make a list of all the things you defo want to do and find it over the net you will be able to plan your money so it goes a lot further. And finally with the added bonus of crimbo coming up my family are buying me trips that can be booked online for xmas pressents!! stretching the cash even further....


These are just some of the experiences I would like to do.
P.s. I have done the catamaran cruise before on the med and in antigua and HIGHLY reccommend it. Iam sure this one will be just as FAB!!!!!

Finally - my mate went to morton beach for sand boarding and highly reccommends this too!!!