want to travel ..... but also want to move out ... HELP ME!

Travel Forums General Talk want to travel ..... but also want to move out ... HELP ME!

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i used to live in san francisco, and i miss it. i had room to write music and do photography, and do anything i wanted. now i am living back home because i decided to save money for school and travel, which sounds ok .... but with a big family, a shared room, and my smuthering mom, it makes it soooo much harder to shape and master my talents, and grow.
so heres my problem...
i was planning on staying just another sememster of school here at home, save money, then in the summer, move back to san francisco, and master my talents .... but ..... i sooo want to travel to so many places .... i want to build up lots of countries, some trips being for a month!.... but i'd have to stay home to do that. the thought of staying here another year or 2 really depresses me ..... i don't know what to do.
anyone else have the same worries? any tips on how to do BOTH at the same time?

p.s. .... wish i had a million dollars

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Lol, I guess everybody likes to have his/her cake and eat it, too. Unfortunately - or fortunately - depending on one's point of view life is full of choices and part of growing up is learning how to make them. Do you like travel enough to pay for it in discomfort of living with your parents ?(nota bene, I feel sorry for them) Or would you rather live in San Francisco and spread your travels over your lifetime, concentrating now on "mastering your talents" and being able to make a living. There might also be other, more creative options which you might be able to develop once you stop feeling so (smugly) sorry for yourself.

p.s. sorry, mine is a grown-up's perspective, not a spoiled brat's like you.

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fuck! i tried to take this down ...... but theres not an option for that...... i was feeling really down when i wrote this ........ i'm just confused, that's all. keep in mind i am NOT afraid of moving out ...... already did it, and loved it .... i hate mooching off people. i just dont want to regret either choice .... and last night i made my choice.
thanks anyways.

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Ok, I believe you... and I'm sorry.

I would still urge you to look for creative options.
One example: once upon a time my daughter, who was 16 at that time, was attending a very expensive private "finishing school" in Europe, when her dad found out that he had a brain tumor and needed an experimental surgery, which (at that time) did cost a bit over $150 000 and for which health insurance would not pay (since the surgery was experimental). I had to scramble the said amount in a very limited time ( too short to offload a vacation home) and her tuition came due soon after.
She found a way: got herself a modeling job (she is very beautiful), despite the fact that she hated modeling ( she is not vacuous ) and with the $10 000 she got for a two week modeling somewhere at the South Seas she paid her tuition for the next semester.

P.S. Rest assured, that the possibility of you being afraid of moving out at the ripe age of 25 did not even enter my mind.

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